Manage Packages with npm

  1. We'll build this Waypoint on Cloud 9, a powerful online code editor with a full Ubuntu Linux workspace, all running in the cloud.
  2. If you don't already have a Cloud 9 account, create one now at
  3. Open up and sign in to your account.
  4. Click on the "+" icon at the top right of the page to create a new workspace.
  5. Give your workspace a name and an optional description.
  6. Choose "Blank" in the template section.
  7. Click the Create button. Then click into your new workspace.
  8. In the lower right hand corner you should see a terminal window. In this window use the following commands. You don't need to know what these mean at this point.
  9. Install how-to-npm with this command: npm install -g how-to-npm.
  10. Now start the tutorial by running how-to-npm.
  11. Note that you can resize the's windows by dragging their borders.
  12. Make sure that you are always in your project's "workspace" directory. You can always navigate back to this directory by running this command: cd ~/workspace.
  13. Note that you can only add dist tags to the specific version numbers published in steps 8 and 10. If you receive a 403 or 404 error, run how-to-npm and try again.
  14. Also, if you experience a bug, and you think you understand the concept, you can skip a step by running how-to-npm verify skip in the terminal.
  15. You can view this Node School module's source code on GitHub at
  16. Complete "Install npm"
  17. Complete "Dev Environment"
  18. Complete "Login"
  19. Complete "Start A Project"
  20. Complete "Install A Module"
  21. Complete "Listing Dependencies"
  22. Complete "npm Test"
  23. Complete "Package Niceties"
  24. Complete "Publish"
  25. Complete "Version"
  26. Complete "Publish Again"
  27. Complete "Dist Tag"
  28. Complete "Dist Tag Removal"
  29. Complete "Outdated"
  30. Complete "Update"
  31. Complete "Rm"
  32. Complete "Finale"
  33. Once you've completed these steps, move on to our next challenge.
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