Word Blanks

We will now use our knowledge of strings to build a "Mad Libs" style word game we're calling "Word Blanks". You will create an (optionally humorous) "Fill in the Blanks" style sentence.

In a "Mad Libs" game, you are provided sentences with some missing words, like nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. You then fill in the missing pieces with words of your choice in a way that the completed sentence makes sense.

Consider this sentence - "It was really ____, and we ____ ourselves ____". This sentence has three missing pieces- an adjective, a verb and an adverb, and we can add words of our choice to complete it. We can then assign the completed sentence to a variable as follows:

var sentence = "It was really" + "hot" + ", and we" + "laughed" + "ourselves" + "silly.";

In this challenge, we provide you with a noun, a verb, an adjective and an adverb. You need to form a complete sentence using words of your choice, along with the words we provide.

You will need to use the string concatenation operator + to build a new string, using the provided variables: myNoun, myAdjective, myVerb, and myAdverb. You will then assign the formed string to the result variable.

You will also need to account for spaces in your string, so that the final sentence has spaces between all the words. The result should be a complete sentence.

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