Coding Bootcamp Cost Calculator

Coming from _______, and making $_______, your true costs will be:

Where do you live?

How much money did you make last year (in USD)?


  1. We assumed an APR of 6% and a term of 3 years. If you happen to have around $15,000 in cash set aside for a coding bootcamp, please ignore this cost.
  2. We assume a cost of living of $500 for cities like San Francisco and New York City, and $400 per week for everywhere else.
  3. The most substantial cost for most people is lost wages. A 40-hour-per-week job at the US Federal minimum wage would pay at least $15,000 per year. You can read more about economic cost here.

Built by Suzanne Atkinson

Suzanne is an emergency medicine physician, triathlon coach and web developer from Pittsburgh. You should  follow her on Twitter.