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Chicago Community Introductions—Tell Us About Yourself Here!

Let’s get to know a bit about one another. Reply here and share as much as you’re comfortable with about yourself, your background, experience/interest in technology, other hobbies/interests, or anything else you’d like …

12 September 17, 2019
London study group - introduce yourself!

Hi everyone :wave: Please use this thread to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself! I’ll go first… I’m Matt, a software developer living in London. Originally from Nottingham, my coding journey began at the beginn…

32 August 10, 2019
Üdv a freeCodeCamp budapesti csoportjában

Ez a hivatalos fóruma a Budapesten tanuló freeCodeCampeseknek :slight_smile: Nyugodtan hozz létre új topicot: Feltehetsz bármilyen kérdést webes technológiával kapcsolatban Megoszthatod elkészült projektjeid, és kikér…

12 June 29, 2019
Norman, Oklahoma Self-Introductions

Get to know others around the community and let others know more about you in this thread here. Let us know who you are, what you’re interested in learning, and anything else you may want us to know!

5 June 26, 2019
The 55th Weekly freeCodeCamp Haifa study group meeting

Bring a laptop. We will bring snacks.

8 June 12, 2019
Eugene Local Resources

Hey! I wanted to pin a list of local resources that I have found helpful here in Eugene. If you have anything to add, comment and I’ll add it to this list! Websites Eugene Tech Slack - This is a must!! Join, introduce…

6 May 23, 2019
Tout savoir sur freeCodeCamp Paris | Everything about freeCodeCamp Paris

:clipperton_island: Bonjour à toutes et tous ! Bienvenue sur la page de la communauté parisienne de freeCodeCamp. Vous pouvez suivre notre actu sur Twitter et nous retrouver sur Meetup pour en savoir plus sur nos proc…

4 May 18, 2019
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