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Austin Downtown Welcome to the Downtown Austin study group! This is a weekly freeCodeCamp group that meets every Tuesday at the downtown Austin library. Oklahoma City Welcome to freeCodeCamp OKC! Come learn web development with us! Chicago Welcome to the official home of the Chicago chapter of freeCodeCamp! Philadelphia Welcome to The Philadelphia study group! This is a space for folks in the Philadelphia area to come together and help each other learn how to code. All skill levels are welcome. Jackson Jackson, MS campers, Columbus OH MetroWest MA This group is a local Meetup, based on freeCodeCamp’s curriculum. If you’re not a fan of driving into Boston to get yo code on, then we’re here for you! Greenwood This section is for the Greenwood South Carolina Freecodecamp study group. Reach out if you are interested. More information coming soon! Eugene Welcome to the Eugene chapter of FreeCodeCamp! Learning to code can be lonely and frustrating. This group strives to be a local resource to help each other on our shared journey of learning to code! Salt Lake City Forum for people learning to code in the Greater Salt Lake area. Norman, OK Welcome to freeCodeCamp Norman! Come learn web development with us! We focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but we also have attendees who are able to discuss different programming languages including Ruby, Python, Java, and others. Pittsburgh Austin North Welcome to the North FCC study group! Houston Hello fellow Houstonians! Welcome to the freeCodeCamp Houston Study group! Baltimore Indianapolis This is the new home of our local Indianapolis freeCodeCamp group: We will be posting all events and relevant group information on here. Also, this platform will become the central hub for the Indianapolis chapter and we will start encouraging people to use this forum so we can all be on the same page. Los Angeles Hey everyone! My name is Omar and I’ve been the freeCodeCamp LA admin for a couple of years now. I’ve had a great time organizing events and meeting amazing developers through freeCodeCamp. I’m excited to meet more of you and I encourage you to send me a message if you ever need any help or just want to chat. Make sure you join our slack in order to meet more devs and drop some forum posts to communicate with the community. Thanks! Portland Welcome Campers! This is the Free Code Camp Portland (Oregon) Chapter! We are here to support and help connect our campers, with the larger FCC and the local Portland tech community. Chandler AZ The Chandler, AZ FCC Study Group is the newest group to launch in Arizona. We’re able to expand into the East Valley thanks to the hard work done by the Phoenix Chapter. Phoenix Raising a Learning Community with a Study Group for the Phoenix Area.
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Sunday Meetup: Episode 7

Meeting Point Person The person to contact about this meeting is: @robertgroves RSVP Required Please RSVP to attend by clicking the going link in the top header of this post (located to the right of the date/time) Ple…

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Let’s get to know a bit about one another. Reply here and share as much as you’re comfortable with about yourself, your background, experience/interest in technology, other hobbies/interests, or anything else you’d like …

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