10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now


Same for me! Keeps redirecting me to freecodecamp.org, I sign in there each time and each time I go back to learn.freecodecamp.org I’m still logged out


It’s same for me too! Stuck in a redirection loop… :frowning:


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This just started happening in the last hour or so. Please be patient.


I know that I repeat it a lot but without a proper UI then I will see a huge amount of people leaving.

That being said, although the new editors and features and lessons are great, UI is highly discouraging you from learning anything. Right now, I’m highly discouraged by it and by the new “map”

The old one was simple and modern which made you want to learn really, this one is just ugh, I’m barely interested in anything anymore just because of the new map and UI that is a huge mess.


Same issue happening to me when signing in. Started about 20 minutes ago.


As discussed above, FCC plans to make the UI much nicer. They just considered getting the new curriculum out to be high enough priority to do first. Expect incremental UI changes to roll out steadily as soon as these critical bugs are fixed.



Looking forward to it!


No certification section in the Settings… :frowning:


Thanks, we’ll be patient and waiting )


It seems to be at least partly fixed. I still see the “Sign in” button for a few seconds to a minute when I change pages, but then my avatar replaces it.


I can’t sign in to complete the challenges. Every-time I click sign in I go to my profile page then when I go to curriculum it says sign in at the top and doesn’t register my completing it.


Yes - we accidentally pushed some broken code a few hours ago and then quickly reverted it. There are still a lot of bugs, many of which we haven’t been able to reproduce. So thanks for helping us by opening detailed GitHub issues. :slight_smile:


This is affecting a small percentage of campers and we aren’t sure why. Once we figure that out, we should be able to quickly fix it.


The new map will be out in a few hours. We just finished it and are testing it.


The hint button is coming back - maybe as soon as this evening.


We have a full backup of everyone’s solutions and are working on a migration to bring them back. Thanks for your patience with this.


You can still claim the front end development certificate from the settings page. The requirements are exactly the same as they were before.


Even with the mass amounts of replies and inquiries into issue, @QuincyLarson you guys are doing a great job just wanted to let you know! :smile:


This is amazing! Thank you Quincy and all the contributors :slight_smile: