10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

How can we see the map/curriculum of the old freeCodeCamp? I’m asking because some things, like the Twitch project, have been moved and are no longer required, and I’d just like to see the old curriculum for comparison purposes and also as a possible alternative/supplemental study track.



Those projects are now under “Take Home Projects”.

The only way to look at the history of the site is to go to the GitHub and look at the history of the application itself.



Thanks, I’ve tried searching through old commits and I found fragmented JSON files (e.g.) with challenge information, but they’re hard to read, so I’d have to parse them? I guess that’s that.




I think the twitch project is in the link.



Hello everyone! I visited the freecodecamp.org website. It asked me to signin using the email or the previously used login methods such as Github, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have always signed in using Github, so I went with that option. It signed me in but I was redirected to https://www.freecodecamp.org/update-email and I saw this message on the page :

New privacy laws now require that we have an email address where we can reach you. Please verify your email address below and click the link we send you to confirm.

I tried to access other pages such as the new curriculum or the settings, but it again redirects me to https://www.freecodecamp.org/update-email. So, I entered the email associated with my Github profile into the text field asking me to verify my email. But I get this message :

<my_email_address> is already associated with another account.

Can anyone help me with this. I cannot access anything on the freeCodeCamp website except the forums page.



Try just logging in by providing your email address. It will send you a confirmation code to enter. You already went through the process of adding your email, so trying to add it again is what is causing that error message.



Thank for clearing the issue. I logged in successfully, but what I’m seeing is that I lost all of my progress till now. I don’t have anything in the legacy section of my profile page too. Or is it that I have to redo all challenges due to the curriculum update?



I just checked I can’t use my previous username. I get this -> “Username not available”



It sounds like you ended up with two accounts. This could have happened recently, or it could have happened long ago when you first created your FCC account (which would explain why you couldn’t add your email to your account). You will need to email [email protected] with your account information.



Okay, thanks. I mailed them with a brief explanation of the issue. I hope they resolve it soon.



Please try to be patient. Quincy is only one guy and he is dealing with literally thousands of emails.

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Could you make a seprate section for the articles you share in your emails? I hate being spammed with them but I enjoy their content. Something like QuincyNews, you know. It would be cool to be able to read older recommendations too so it’s win win.
Edit: Aye thanks and Ignore what I said :sweat_smile:






I just wanna say thank you so much for these! It’s very much appreciated, specially the added lessons to the curriculum! Very happy about that. Will be waiting patiently for the dark theme :slight_smile:



for those who are wondering, what happen to non-profit projects section. I came across the following, I’d appreciate if @QuincyLarson can comment on this.



I can’t comment on the new content yet, but you’ve done away with the old certificates. I had a link to a high resolution image that resembled a real certificate. That link is a 404 error now. The replacement is a “legacy” certificate with very simple HTML / CSS that doesn’t look as good on a résumé.

And, of course, there is the outstanding issue that I can access other people’s accounts by logging into FCC with my LinkedIn account.



Thanks for constantly working on this amazing resource, and for keeping it free! Much appreciated.

Some feedback:

  • Do I get prompted about when to start a project? I noticed there’s now more projects such as “build a survey form”, but I don’t know when I should tackle that because I can’t clearly see it in my curriculum.
  • It’s a bit confusing that there are new lessons added in amongst other lessons I had completed. Perhaps a prompt or sticker to highlight these are new?
  • It seems like some of my most recent progress was lost. There are ~10 lessons I completed that are now showing as not complete. Not sure if others are experiencing this, so thought I’d share.
  • It’s confusing that the login for the forum is different to the FCC login. Not sure if this was always the case. Once I click on “sign in”, the copy there explains it’s a different account. However until I click that, it’s not clear why I’m not already signed it. Perhaps have some copy at the top of the forum page to explain that we need a separate account (as I assume it’s not an easy fix to have SSO across forum and learn - that would be ideal).

Thanks again for all your great work!



It’s always been the case. freecodecamp.org are completely different entities with no communication between them.



Great upgrades, altough night mode still doesnt work properly. It used to be that if I signed out and signed back in it all got fixed but now I just can’t seem to get it to work at all on the curriculum pages. Any help or fixes would be much appreciated. Other than that Quincy, you are a superhero. :wink:



As has been stated many times in this thread (and elsewhere), a night mode has not been created for the new FCC yet, but it will be soon. There are numerous browser extensions and software solutions to give you control over the colors of a website, all websites, or your monitor. Some extensions, like Stylish, already have community-uploaded themes for the new FCC, or you can go ahead and use the skills FCC taught you to take control of your experience.