10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

Hiya Quincy and freeCodeCamp team,

I’m happy to see the hint button back for the coding exercises. Cheers to the volunteers who will are giving the time to fill in the stubs.

I do miss the simplicity of the old site although I’m sure you guys have a good reason to renovate.

One thing I’m really hoping to see again is the function hint links to the Mozilla documentation in the algorithm sections. As a beginner coder, I don’t know and/or can’t remember all the functions that are relevant to the problem, but having it hinted to me that I can use them was helpful. I felt like it also taught me HOW to use them rather than it simply being hints. Without them, I feel a little lost of where to start.

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can any 1 comment on the non-profit projects, that section seem to have missed out from the old to the new curriculum.

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I am so glad our past solutions aint lost. Was already mourning their passing



Is there a thread where I can suggest some ideas?

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ArielLeslie’s response as I understood it:

  1. We can see the list of completed challenges in our portfolio. True, but this deviates from the question.
  2. With a growing number of lessons, etc, FCC does not store every solution. True, but deviates from the question again, because it only states what is happening now, as it no longer saves.
  3. Challenges classified as projects are saved. True, but also deviates from the question as we are after all solutions that used to be saved, not only those for projects.
  4. Something is preventing FCC from writing to your browser’s storage.

With confidence, I can say the following:

  1. I have been doing challenges from various PCs… Laptop, PC at home, PC at work, and 100% of solutions were saved into FCCs storage. I know this because I often came back to check on my code of previous solutions completed in different computers.
  2. Every challenge that showed ‘completed’, project or not, saved all code and solutions in FCC storage.

Considering that Quincy confirmed that:

I continue to wonder if there is somewhere that we can check for an update. Completing the challenges took so many hours to figure out and complete. There is a button to download all our data in a .Json file in our portfolio, but it doesn’t really contain all solutions, only a random solution or two, as if those were put there by mistake.



These days we have to follow Quincy’s suggestion to save solutions in our PCs and that’s cool. He mentions that the solution database was growing by 1gb per day. It’s amazing that so many people around the world benefit from this website! coding is the way and I am very thankful for FCC. But yeah, the alternative to not getting our solutions back is to do the challenges again, which took a long time… imagine losing all the solutions to all your Javascript Intermediate challenges… that’s harsh lol. Some of those took days to figure out.

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I miss the dark theme. My eyes are red, big, tearful and I’m crying 24/7.Edit: THANK YOU :slight_smile:

I am passing jquery again, because before update i just started js. I think jQuery needs little fix with challenges and info like (We’ll learn more about functions later.)



Nice is so nice. Thanks .



Hi there,
I had learnt HTML/CSS/JS from FCC, I wish to donate, but, due to my weak financial background, I can’t really support you guys.
But, I can work on ReactJS, would love to contribute to the website Dev.
BTW love you guys at FCC, good going!
Suhail Singh Bains

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Donating your time by helping build the curriculum or helping teach fellow students is a greatly appreciated way to give back.

(I removed your email address from your post because these pages are indexed and I don’t want you to get spammed.)

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Or another way to do it might just be to have a stock solution for each page, so once a person has solved it, but then go back, they’d see FCC’s solution.

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it’s normal, nature
every one trying these.



Hmm, while the new design seems a bit more “professional,” it also lacks a lot of the old personality which revolved around the camping theme.

And what’s with the strangely worded instructions and solutions bugs?? Moreover, what’s with the convoluted way of reporting bugs or offering hints???

Finally, why do we not get to see our answers outputted when successful – only when not, greeted by no more than a cryptic error message??

I’m really not sure why this redesign was necessary (I understand reorganizing the curriculum, perhaps – but why a redesign and, even more dramatically, a broad and deep reworking of much of the workflow?), either, though of course I’m glad major sections have now been unlocked and even just populated now!



And when’s [estimate] the functionality that allows us to toggle between this “Brave New World” and the previous view and/or workflow, please?




From what I learned recently, the redesign is much more lightweight saving lots of resources for the whole website. (Guess how many user accounts there are)
It also aids people in developing countries who don’t have powerful computers.
There is much more content in the new course now.

Not sure what you mean about

If you think things need improving, please suggest. This site works because it’s a community so if you want to help improve the course for others, you can raise an issue per challenge. This is how open source software improves over time. As this is all relatively new, it will improve.
I don’t think you will be able to return to the old system although previous progress has been saved and stored on your profile.

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I am fortunate enough to find these impeccable platform online. FCC is truly a blessing for all those geeks seeking career in Web Designing or as a Software Engineer. FCC is indeed an amazing platform.



I m new to FCC, found it impressive. Feel fortunate that google landed me here :slight_smile: on an amazing world of Software Engineering knowledge.

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Quincy’s comment, 5 months ago:

" A quick note on challenge solutions

We have not lost any of your data. We have all your challenge solutions leading up to May 2018."

1. Can someone help please?
2. Before the site update the my answers to basic and intermediate Javascript algorithm sections were saved to FCC’s server. I knew this because I worked on the challenges on 4 computers at work and at home and all solutions appeared perfectly in every PC. The progress I made on one PC was saved to the server and I continued on the same challenges on other PCs with the other PCs previously saved work.
3. All of my solutions to challenges, including those that weeks to solve, were erased in the updated website.
4. Since then I have been asking if someone can help me access the solutions I saved into FCC’s database.
5. The solutions I wrote to the JS algorithm challenges and my notes saved within those solutions are the most important to me because they took so long to figure out. Actually, I think 5 or 6 entire sections of challenges I previously completed were reset and I have completed most of them again. But really, I just want my JS algorithm solutions back and can re-do everything else easily.
6. 5 months later I am still waiting. Am I the only one still without their pre-update solutions back?

If our solutions ‘full solutions including their notes’ are still available, as Quincy states in the quote above, can someone help me please, and send them to me by e-mail.


Review of Solutions

Thanks for your patience. We have been busy addressing other technical debt within the freeCodeCamp platform and haven’t gotten to this yet.

I believe that the solutions for the 5 Algorithm projects are stored in our database now, and all the other non-project challenges are optional.

Rather than wait, I would keep moving forward through the curriculum. You could also go back through and solve the challenges again as a refresher if you want.

If you just need working solutions for these challenges as a reference, most articles have corresponding Guide articles here: https://guide.freecodecamp.org/certifications




Can someone please help me with the new learn.freecodecamp interface?

When you do any of the problems in the past the browser (presumably in localStorage) stored your preference for the page layout.

Basically - on the left there are the instructions. The frame/container by default is about half the screen. On the right there is the pane where to carry out the problem.

How can I make my browser remember after refreshing a page, that I want only 1/5th of the screen to be instructions and 4/5ths the pane where to carry out instructions.

Last year it happend automatically - but now it is driving me mad, that I need to reposition the pane after every refresh :smiley:

I see it is a flexbox feature.

As a default it is -moz-box-flex: 0.99765; flex: 0.99765 1 0%;, but I would like it flex: 0.56, for example. Is there some way ( a hack) how could I do that, so that I wouldn’t have to reposition it manually?

Than you sincerely.