#100DaysOfCode starts again on January 3

#100DaysOfCode starts again on January 3


Here’s Alex’s article about the history of the #100DaysOfCode challenge. He’s launching another 100 day challenge on January 3, and so far, hundreds of people have committed to it.


Signed up after listening to the CodeNewbie episode with Alex. Starting 2017 by building good habits, one at a time! I think everybody who can, should join up and share the journey.


Hi,i just started with FCC,can i join the 100daysofcode challenge? thanks.


@Lahde-damz Sure - just read the article above and follow the instructions. It will help you get started :slight_smile:


Is it just coding on any project for one hour a day everyday? Are there specific coding challenges or projects tied to the 100 Days of Code? I read the article, just asking for clarification. The name makes it sound like there’s more to it.

I like the idea of it but greatly dislike Twitter. Tweeting regularly would be 10x more challenging than coding daily!


Hi everybody!

It’s been ages since I was here last time. I got interested in this challenge because my girlfriend says I have problems with committing (no GIT jokes please) to anything. So I want to prove her wrong with new year and show her that I’m able to finish what I took on. As far as I know I can code 30 days of JavaScript and Free Code Camp courses but what about Coursera coding courses? I’m enrolled in couple of their courses and I would like to finish them as well. There are coding assignments. Does it count? @QuincyLarson I would really appreciate your answer.

Best wishes in new year to all Campers!


I just committed to it too. I’ve been doing a good job sticking with it but I want to bring it to the next level. I’m pretty determined to get into a developer role by the first half of the new year.


Definetly a good new year resolution. Thanks for the heads up!


I think the key is accountability and that’s where tweeting about it comes into place. But I would say as long as you do it every day, that’s what’s matters. How about blogging every week or so and sharing what you learned over the period of time? It would serve the same purpose of accountability and actually solidify your learning? Just a thought.


That’s a really good idea. Too time consuming for most people but good for people who have the time to do it.

I’m going to join #100DaysofCode and follow the instructions to the letter though. I’m choosing to see the Twitter stipulation as networking practice, and I sorely need to develop personal networking habits.


Never used Twitter before, any advice guys? What am I suppost to tweet? “Day 1: Created HTML document”?


I’m pretty sure it’s “#Day1 Created #HTML #document #productivity ## #OUT”, right? :laughing:


Looks like it :slight_smile: never used GitHub as well, any advice what to do after I forked that repo? Sorry for newbie questions.


Thanks for asking the newbie questions! You’re not the only newbie here…


yes, you definitely can! Just keep going with FCC curriculum! You are in good hands :slight_smile:


You can work on any project in this challenge!

I know how difficult it may be to start using Twitter, however it’s a great resource for anyone who is an aspiring or professional developer - because you can follow the industry best, and get the resource recommendations, advice and things like that from them. Why is Twitter so important to the #100DaysOfCode challenge - because it’s the best way to connect a diverse community (through the hashtag) and make it grow - adding new people, helping them learn to code, and ensuring that people stay connected to each other -> making sure it’s very difficult to quit. Try Twitter out, even if just for the time of the challenge - then you can drop it. :slight_smile:


Hi! You have a strong motivation in this! I think it’s great! The only reason your girlfriend says that is because deep inside she knows you can commit and can do really really well if you make a decision to do so, and she’s just trying to raise the stakes for you so that you succeed!

You can code on anything you want in the 100 days, but try to only use the courses that force you to code on your own. If they tell you exactly what to do - these are not as helpful as the courses that give you problems to work on (or homework) like you said - these are great!

I would suggest that you finish the courses you’ve started as a part of this challenge - and you will feel great having these little wins behind you! Then continue with building other things!

All the best! We believe in you!


That would definitely work as well! However then you would have to share these posts somewhere like on your Facebook, or here on Forum maybe in a topic…


Sorry just saw the latter message you’ve posted (before I was responding to the previous one:) Good luck in the challenge!


Yes, exactly like that! The only thing missing is the hashtag #100DaysOfCode so that others can discover your progress!

I use the following format: “Day 2 of #100DaysOfCode : Done this and that”