25, unemployed, broke, and need a web dev job fast

25, unemployed, broke, and need a web dev job fast

Over the past few years, I have been on disability income. In the meantime, I have been studying and coding to become a web developer. I have been working on this diligently for around 3 years now.

Right now, I still live at home. My family’s financial situation is not good, and my father recently had to take over my car to use himself.

I am just seeking opportunties, yet I am struggling to find them with my current skillset.


Hey man, sorry about your situation really. What advice would you like to get? Maybe some people could help you out here.

@lezojeda just some feedback I guess on what I can do. Maybe some good ideas? Idk.

I am skilled in a multitude of technologies, yet I lack with frontend JS frameworks.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I can understand that it’s difficult to maintain positivity when you don’t see the result of your diligent effort.

Do you mean that you don’t know anything about frontend JS frameworks, or your skills are not high enough to qualify for a job?

Can you put up a website for local businesses? If so, then you can make money this week.
Go to yellow pages and just start calling businesses. It is best to be a little prepared up front with what you want to say and what you can offer. Aim to call 50 places per day. You should be able to average a web job for every 200 places you contact. This could easily get you a client per week which could get you 2000 - 6000+ per month depending on what you charge per website. Its a grind and it kind of sucks but I’ve done it before when I needed to start making fast cash. Finally one of the contacts started giving me enough regular work that I didn’t need to do the calls anymore…


Sorry to hear about your situation brother.

If your financial condition is really bad, I’ll advise you to grab any sort of job out web development to bear your family expenses and with a full time job make some time out for learn coding. Once you develop particular skills in coding then switch job to a full time web developer. To get any sort of thing once need to keep patience and keep hard work as well.
Good luck for your future. (Y)


I call shenanigans on yellow pages

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

What have you tried so far? It might help us pinpoint some good directions to go if you let us know where you are at. Have you applied to jobs but they don’t contact you back? What websites have you used to apply? Where are you looking? If you are looking to get cash faster, then I think I agree that you will have to cold call businesses and offer your services. However, if you are looking to get a job we will probably give more advice towards applying, interviewing, etc. Also, what are your current skillsets?

I am skilled in the following:

  1. HTML
  3. JavaScript (vanilla)
  4. DOM manipulation
  5. procedural PHP with some OOP
  6. SQL/mySQL
  7. Nodejs + Express

Here is my github account:

My best work on there is probably JS_QUIZZES_3

I have a linkedIn also. I have been looking and applying for positions. Have not received a call back from any.

Upwork is no success.

One guy may be offering me a junior position, but it is not until next year and there is no guarantees.


What exactly are you “calling shenanigans” on - that the yellow pages exist or that they can be used to contact local businesses?

If the former, a simple google search should suffice. If the latter than you’ve probably been a bit sheltered in life. I’m not the first to use the yellow pages to look up local businesses and I certainly won’t be the last.

Do you have any experience with a js framework? Love them or hate them, a lot of jobs are centered around them. It might be good to pick up something like React or Angular (I would not suggest Vue until more jobs pop up but it’s one of my favorites). The problem with platforms like Upwork is that you don’t get many clients from them. You generally have to go out and find those clients. Then, have them go through Upwork to improve your reviews and get better stats to attract organic work. I would contact those places that you have applied and check in with them. Basically, in your own words, say something along the lines of, “Hello [Business / Owner], I sent you an application to the [specific job position they posted about]. Have you been able to review it? I would love to further discuss my qualifications.” Then, if they respond that they “went another route” then probe them further about why (be nice and super professional about it). This will help you with future jobs. If they are not allowed to say why, oh well. But it is worth asking! Feedback is super important. Otherwise, you are just throwing a paper airplane, while blindfolded, into the wind onto a lily pad in the ocean from the airplane (a bit of hyperbole but you get the point). This will greatly improve your chances. It may be a rough start but it will work. I would not rely on the guy that might give you a junior position. Sounds too flaky. Also, building a better portfolio will most likely help you as well.

I have had a hell of a time picking up a frontend JS library/framework for years now. That has been my weakness. I can build basic todo lists in react, but that is as far as it goes. Building medium to large size apps in a JS framework is just not doable for me, at least not right now. State management is extremely difficult for anything larger than a todo app. Redux to me is a nightmare.

It would be nice to have state (the component data) in one or more files and just include them, like with a require/import statement and then just call setState from there. None of this “reducers” crap.

Honestly, state management is one of the hardest parts. But the reducer is super important because they control what the actions do to the state. The reducers are not even given to the components. It seems convoluted but it is the best way to separate concerns in my opinion.

I totally get that they are annoying. But a necessary evil if you are using React for medium to large applications. I would just practice like crazy. But maybe that’s besides the point of this discussion.

Honestly, I know how hard it is to look for jobs. I am currently looking for one myself. But if you have specific jobs you are looking for, then I would highly focus on getting projects for your portfolio that would impress those employers.

Try to work on an existing codebase. I learned React, but at my job they use Vue. I still don’t fill understand it, but I get tasked with adding features and fixing bugs. And I can figure it out slowly via following the error messages as I mess around.

Building a project from scratch doesn’t have to be the only way to show you have experience with a framework. And depending on the company, it’s not necessary that that is something you’ll be expected to be able to do.


Honestly, I can’t judge your skills, because they are much more advanced than mine, but my gut tells me you could gain the most by amping up (1) your salesmanship of yourself as a developer and (2) your self image (there are gems in the field of sports psychology)

Highly recommend these books:

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Sounds to me you are overengineering your thought process in handling state, my suggestion is to just put all state related to all your components to the root and only have a different state if necessary. You should not worry about prop drilling.

Prop drilling isn’t bad for personal projects unless you are talking about 50 + components. I have built a react app for a client in a team of 5 before and it’s fairly large, so its definately doable. Redux has been a debatable topic on whether it reduces complexity, i know a company that only turn to redux only if there are issues with normal react and that is only 6 months after the project has started.

Other than that , just keep learning and building stuff and dont stop , you can also check out

https://www.chingu.io/ to meet people and build projects together in your free time

What particular skills are exactly necessary to get a front-end developer job?