33 yo, from no webdev experience to full-stack developer in 4 months thanks to FCC

33 yo, from no webdev experience to full-stack developer in 4 months thanks to FCC

Love your take on this, especially the job “requirements.” I’d have a beer with ya!


Thank you so much for sharing! What an incredible journey - you’ve accomplished so much! Thanks for all of the links - I feel like there is so much I’m missing out on.

Perhaps I missed it - just wondering (and it’s the only non-code thing haha) how you focusing on your Spanish studies? And was that to also help with your career moving forward?


thank you so much for sharing this


I was using Duolingo and a couple of grammar books, so all self-taught as usual. The main sprint was during my “vacation” days in August, which I spent home studying it non-stop. It was quite easy for me to get the gist of it since all romance languages are very close.
No, it didn’t help me find a job, but knowing a language spoken by half a billion people doesn’t hurt. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats! I see you did mern course by Traversy. Im startng it this week and hopefully it will help on projects.
Can you share your portfolio site or github?


Congrats on making the transition, and thank you for sharing these excellent self-study tips!

Start things off with CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science on edX, this is simply put the best introduction to CS you could ever get for free.

It’s funny you should mention this :wink:

I like you have struggled with procrastination and I find it helpful to understand procrastination at the fundamental level - what is procrastination and why do we feel the urge to procrastinate?



Here ya go. The full-stack project is based on Brad’s course. As you can see from my bare bones interfaces, I consider myself more of a Javascript fan, not that surprising as I come from a C++ background. I don’t have a portfolio, in fact I’ve never made static websites, only web apps. I also noticed I probably started Python sooner than I remember, oh well.

You’re the man. Thanks for creating this wonderful site, I can only see it soar in popularity in the future.


i would like to thank you alot for this Motivating article :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Well done, Thank you


Hey, thanks for sharing. This was helpful. :smiley:


Thanks for sharing your story. Always enjoy reading these as they’re inspirational and motivational for those that want to pursue their interests in this field. Good luck in your future endeavors and keep us posted on how this new career is going! :slight_smile:


Very inspirational. I’m in a junior role really trying to get to move onto a mid level role via FCC and I feel inspired by your words. My big takeaway is that 50% of requirements being met is the same as 90%!

I can’t wait to get these last few lessons and the projects done…

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Thanks for this. Keeps me motivated at 42. lol


I am a similar age. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Great motivation and great, detailed resources and plan of action, thank you! I’m also from “South Europe” but already migrated to the “Center” for job years ago (also, same age :slight_smile: ). I’m having a similar plan but had to use more than one year to get 3/4 of yours as working full-time + (happily) family things.


Thank you so much for your wake up call, amazing tips


Awesome! Thank you for sharing as I have personally feel like I hit a brick wall recently. This site it really helping me stay focused and reading your message gives me hope I can do it too! Thanks :relaxed:


Thank you, man. I’m 34 years old and your story helps me get motivated. Thanks for giving us hope.


Absolutely amazing!!! And awesome of you to share your experiences and resources as well. Very inspiring and I love your tenacity!!!

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Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for your motivation. I really missed this.