A few problems with Portfolio Help?

A few problems with Portfolio Help?


So the two major problems im having, are my paragraph texts are not changing fon’t color for some reason and my image keeps getting squished into a loppy circle when I put padding right on it, Any ideas on how to keep my image where its at without it being smashed and how do I get the font color to change on my main text?


For font color to change you must use css color property instead font-color as there is no such thing as font-color. On the other hand you are using inline styling in your Html where you have already set a color property, either you need to remove that one or use it for color.

For Image I will reply later.


For image don’t put padding on the image itself instead put padding on the p element the contains the image. remove both padding top and right from image it is making it look like an egg. :smiley:


Awesome thanks for the help, worked like a charm!