A great essay with a highly provocative title

A great essay with a highly provocative title


I highly recommend this essay. Nadar is the leader of the coding community in Jackson, MS, who looks out for us n00bs.


That was a great read, and I second your recommendation. I changed the title, though, since that word can be (understandably) upsetting, and it may be better if people voluntarily read it by clicking on the post rather than having it in the main feed.

Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting read. Most people who are white, love the Bible, and vote republican do not beat people up and call them ‘sandniggers’, I am just saying because I would fit some of the above statements and know hundreds of people just like me. I absolutely agree with the point that a lot of Americans think they are better just because they live where they do, and almost everything from there on down. However I would add that I do not agree with the author’s standpoint against Trump (nor do I agree with Trump on everything either):

obscure racist populist political candidate trying to subtly bring back the good old days when black people and women were not considered equal.

If you are supportive of the most recent immigration ban I would like you to think hard about what I have written and reconsider the root motivation of your support.

After reading, I would still support a temporary ban on immigration from radical countries (I do not consider the “good old days” back when we were in slavery, etc.). I think we all confess that America has problems and is not great as it once was . I think we need to take steps to make America better and safer. I do not think an all out ban is right or necessary, but I would argue that a short ban is altogether proper until we can take further steps and decide how to tackle ISIS.