A new tool to help you get job interviews

A new tool to help you get job interviews


Most campers get jobs through friends and hiring managers they know from coding events. Some of us use recruiters, or just apply to hundreds of jobs on our own.

Well there’s also a relatively new service that can help set you up with interviews called Triplebyte. If you are a US citizen or are legally able to work in the US, they will set you up with job interviews if you can pass their coding quizzes.

Here are some of the companies they currently recruit developers for:

It’s free, and if you accept a job offer through them, they’ll donate money to freeCodeCamp on your behalf. You can sign up here.

If you’ve put in a lot of time building projects and contributing to open source, you may be able to do quite well on their coding quizzes. It wouldn’t hurt to try.


Cold this be usefull for people who don’t live in the US?


Unfortunately, the companies we work with CANNOT provide visas for candidates unless they are from Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, or Australia. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, or from one of those countries, you will need to obtain your own H-1B visa before we can work with you.

We can also work with STEM students on an F-1 visa who are eligible for the 2-year OPT program.

The companies we work with CAN help transfer your H-1B visa if you already have one at another company.

As long as you can get VISA you should be fine.

EDIT: I have made a technical interview appointment for tomorrow I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

EDIT 2: My interview has been cancelled, I need to obtain VISA before the interview.


Unfortunately, we only work with companies hiring in the locations listed above (San Francisco Bay Area, CA and New York, NY) at this time. We will be adding more locations soon, but right now we can only help people find jobs in those locations.


I remember seeing an ad for them earlier this year. They seem promising. Unfortunately I wasn’t as ready as I am now. I look forward to them expanding to more areas.


I went through and despite me being confused on some of the Ruby questions (disclaimer: I only recently started learning Ruby), I passed the coding question, the coding challenges that were presented I attempted to solve in javascript I was able to complete one and get close to complete on the others unfortunately I still simply was not prepared for some of the challenges I guess I have a lot to learn when it comes to stuff like ASCII Numbers. It says they will review my code and they’ll contact me back I’ll update everyone when I hear back whether I got interviewed or denied.


Great Post. Would love to take the test but no ready yet. But soon.


Maybe sure to have an hour or so of quiet uninterrupted time. It’s timed and there are no breaks during a test (it’s split into multiple parts so you could do the multiple choice, take break, go do coding challenges, etc).


I took two of the multiple choice quizzes and passed both despite feeling like I did awful on them. Do they pass everyone on the multiple choice questions?


That seems promising, hopefully, will try them after my exams which will end in a couple of weeks.
Looking forward to this :smile:


You can write an email to them asking for your score.


Ok, I see.

Maybe you could try to get a similar cooperation going with a european recruitment partner at a later date?


Can the quiz be retaken at a later time, or is it only one quiz per user?


From what I understand, if you are denied you can reapply in four months.


I hope this rolls out to the UK. Thanks for posting it!


I kinda feel that you guys have more placement options than my “tech-college-placement-recruitment board”. Happy 3 months of coding, but now I know, there is a slight chance and my effort is not going in vain. (motivation in cloud 9). Thank you for this post. #highlypleased #enthusiastic #dreamer #coder #techstudent


One cannot get own H1-B visa. That visa belongs to the company, and the worker is only allowed to work for that company (can also be hired as consultant to others).
If you want your H1-B visa to be transferred to another company, the holder of the visa would probably want to charge for it because H1-B visas are scarce in USA (at least 50% of the quota is quickly grabbed by a handful Indian consultancy agencies every year).


Ahh, I see, something new I have learned today :wink: Thanks for the info (I guess I didn’t do my research deep enough).



What is a good resource to prepare for Triplebyte quizzes?


I took the quiz last week, and have the interview (over Google Hangouts) in 4 hours from now.

I’m so nervous. :sweat: