A new tool to help you get job interviews

A new tool to help you get job interviews


I actually had an interview with Triplebyte last month. Despite the fact that I did very well in their entry quiz, I was woefully underprepared for the interview and incredibly nervous. I totally bombed it. However, it was a great experience, my interviewer was really chill, friendly, and was eager to help me as I stammered through the answers as best I could. When they sent their rejection email, it was full of great advice and they welcomed me to try again after 4 months. Since then, I’ve been doing lots of interview practice with a friend I met online and have been studying CTCI. I feel I will do much better come February.

If you get the opportunity to interview with Triplebyte, go through the material they give you to study (you receive an email after setting your interview date). Don’t just try to memorize it, but practice talking about it. Don’t worry about having all of the answers as they do expect you to not know all of the material. In fact, be prepared to simply say “I don’t know” when you honestly don’t know. Also, practice making projects under a strict time limit. They don’t have to look good, but you need to go from blank page to working demo in about an hour. Get good at using whichever framework or library you prefer, and I’d suggest going with something that has some starter program - think create-react-app or angular-cli. Lastly, keep in mind that once you get past this interview, you’ll still have to go through actual technical interviews with the company or companies you want to work with. Go onto Pramp, read Cracking the Coding Interview, and do some problems on HackerRank to prepare yourself.

My takeaway from this experience is that no matter how much work you’ve put into learning how to program and building web apps, you need to have your interview skills on point and if you’re a total beginner, learning just a little bit can go a very long way.


Just finished my interview a few minutes ago. Not sure how I did, but it felt like it didn’t go well at all.

My nerves kept getting to me, and I kept making rookie mistakes during the coding section. The “do these things in order” part through me for a loop at first, and I never really recovered from that.

Also, during the question and answer part, I kept forgetting the technical names for things and was explaining things in weird ways.

Oh well, if nothing else I got the experience, will get the advice, and will hopefully be better prepared in 4 months.

I definitely need to practice my interview skills.


Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, nerve can really make you feel like an impostor.


i failed the coding quiz miserably lol!
will try again in 4 months.
Oh Geeez, Rick!


I got the email today with my study plan for the next 4 months. There’s some great feedback in there on my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t regret going through this process at all.

Marking March 7th on my calendar right now.


Not proud to say that I flunked this without even getting to the second stage. I kind of nonchalantly took the test in the general section and not the ‘front end’ section if I recall. The algorithm section actually wasn’t bad at all, if you finished the algorithms here in fcc, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the algo section. My issue was the multiple choice questions , most of them I simply had a blank stare on as they were using industry terms which I had no clue about and I just responded with IDK.


go to honeypot.io
a friend of mine got an awesome job in Amsterdam,
they kick ass!


you may as well try honeypot.io
they’re awesome


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thank you
first time posting here


Would it be safe if I would share my phone number on the form that they make you fill out?? I want to ensure of my safety