A Tribute Page for Stephen King

A Tribute Page for Stephen King


Hi everyone :smile: I just finished my tribute page project. Hopefully I can get an honest feedback about it and because I really want to hear other’s opinion as well especially for improvements.

Here’s my project’s link: [updated v.5]

Every feedback is really appreciated. Thank you :smile:


Looks pretty damn good! :+1: The only thing I could think of that needed improvement is responsiveness.

Navigation could use some love

Main content area could probably take 90-95% of the screen

Other than that that’s a solid page. Good job! Don’t stop! :metal:


Looks really excellent! The main thing that bugs me are the images.

I forked a very quick version that addresses it in squares. Feel free to tweak it.


Thank you for your feedback and i just worked on it already after i read yours. It’s really hard to work on the responsiveness since there are lots of screen resolution. I must admit that it really took me a while to meet the right measurement. I fixed the navigation, the main content, and the links below too.

Here’s the updated one:


Thank you for your feedback, i honestly feel you about the images :smile:
i was having the same concern because they all came from different sizes and i dont know how to make them in one size of what i want without being stretched or cropped. What you did there seems great and i really appreciated it. I will try to fix it.

(After i replied, I fixed it and same goes to its responsiveness, here’s the updated version: https://codepen.io/itshally/pen/mzrOrx)


Looks awesome! Did you use JS to create this?


No, i just used html, css, and bootstrap. :smile:



How long did it take you to finish your project?
I am looking forward to build my first web page


It took me 2-3 days. I honestly had a hard time thinking for a good design and it took me a while to achieve the right sizes just to fit the entire page in every different screen resolution.
It’s a pleasure to hear that from you! :+1: I wish you a lot of patience while creating your first web page. It really is frustrating sometimes, but don’t give up easily if it doesn’t go in your way, just pause for a while and take a deep breath then continue coding again :smile: .


Nice! Your hard work paid off!

I appreciate your advice, Thank you very much!


No worries :smile: yours will too and I am really sure about it


Looks really good.

One question I have, for a page with as much content as this one, is if it’s ok/acceptable to have a link back to the nav bar that is either at the end/beginning of each section or on a fixed spot on the window? Or is that type of link poor design? It is a lot of scrolling on a mobile screen.


Thank you for your feedback. That’s actually a good point. I honestly forgot about how long the scrolling is with too much content like I did. Thank you for the advice though, I really appreciate it :+1: :smile:

I just updated and I really thank you for your tip again :smile:
hope you could check it again:


The More About Stephen King section should shift to one column when the device width gets below 800px, because the 3 column approach looks strange. Also the photo gallery should stay 2 columns until the device width drops below between 550px and 600px. In general ,your left and right margins are too narrow when the device width gets smaller.


Thank you for your feedback :smile: , I will surely fix that problem as well :+1:

I just want you to know that I did update it for the responsiveness, hopefully I did it right this time.
Updated one:


It’s a pretty neat website…gave me some perspective and direction before I make this project.
Thank you and Have a great day.

I didn’t get the Js section what was that for?..the scroll action?


oh that was for giving the button the functionality.:sweat_smile:


I’m sorry for the late reply, yes that is for the functionality to return to the top part of the page and I am really glad that you like it too. Good luck for developing your project and hope you’ll have a lot of patience as well :+1: :smile:


I think it looks great. Recheck your internal links - clicking on gallery places the viewer at the end not the beginning.


It looks great, kudos for you!
There’s a small bug in small width devices and the navigation menu. When I hover with my cursor one of the options, another one below is the one focused (check pic attached), I’m using firefox.