A tribute to the women in my life and what they have thought me

A tribute to the women in my life and what they have thought me


Finished my tribute page challenge.

I decided to make it a bit personal and at the same time write content that had some sort of value to the reader that don`t know these women.

I first wrote the content, then made the design.

Feedback is appreciated. https://goo.gl/RNoko7



Simple and beautiful!!
Not very helpful, sorry (:


Very nice tribute! My hats off to your mother for such an amazing turn around.

I did spot three typos, I suspect because English is not your tongue :sunny:

  1. The word “woman” in your main title should be “Women” since you are talking about a group of outstanding ladies.

  2. Under Happiness, in your first line replace the word “insurance” with “assurance” . In the context of your sentence, it is the better word to use.

  3. Again, under Happiness, third paragraph change “tough” to “though”.

Happy coding!


Thank you so much Perry. Thanks for actually reading it and telling me. I can`t understand how I missed “women” in the title, lol.

I really appreciate it. Thanks again.


Thank you! All feedback is appreciated, also this. Have a great day.


It is looking good, great work :slight_smile:
There is small horizontal scroll on the page, which shouldn’t be there. Looks like you are breaking the bootstrap grid somewhere.


Aha. Thanks. I actually did not notice that. I will dive into the code and check it out.

Thanks for telling me, and thanks for the nice feedback.