A word of encouragement on getting a job!

A word of encouragement on getting a job!

wow, Johann! This is awesome. I just saw this in my inbox and couldn’t believe it was you! I’m so happy for you!! A similar thing happened to me when I was in Boston, and now I’m living in Minneapolis finishing a bootcamp. FreeCodeCamp totally started my love for coding. Best wishes to you! - Vela

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Really interested Johann, for me my problem is losing the focus.

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I’ll keep on pushing…

Thanks for sharing :wink:

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Thanks for the encouraging story. Persistence pays! Nice job, and congratulations on your new role.

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keep going ot the same way! great job

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Glad to see a musician become a developer, keep it up and keep encouraging people like me to keep pushing like you! Many thanks for the encouragement :+1:

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First thanks for sharing this. It will really help newbie like me.

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This was just what I needed to hear today! I’ve taken classes through a community college, though I would give them mixed reviews. I started doing FCC but let it go after a while; however, I plan to take it back up again. And thanks especially for encouraging people to apply for jobs even if they don’t necessarily meet the stated requirements. (In fact, I wonder how many applicants who end up getting those jobs really even had all the ‘required’ education and experience in the first place.)

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Real stories like these are the biggest source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing this. And ya congratulations! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I would like to know how you learned Javascript and in what you spent your 400$ in learning how to code. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your story! It’s really a template for success. You decided to become a coder and you did it. I can speak only for myself, but I found myself becoming intimidated by professional coders. At least, by my perception and also my goal of mastering language. Which for me is Python. It wasn’t until I started focusing on what I wanted to accomplish out of the language that I started to feel I was actually making progress. You know how it is, you have game developers, big data, web programmers, machine learning, automation, and on and on. I realized the idea of mastering a language was to general of a goal. So for me, automation is a nice fit to my current career. This allows me to see progress and I can use things I learn in Python to enhance my automation skills. Connecting this to your story. You got focused on becoming a React developer and focused on what a React developer needed to know. Congrats on your success and your engagement! All the best!

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Thanks for sharing. When you were applying, did you mention your previous jobs? (how did you highlight the tech stuff over the rest or did you not mention the other jobs at all?)

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That post had an aswer if you check above

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Hey @Eidan! Sorry for my super late response man. I did the React course on Udacity. It was worth it for me but I also think there are a ton of resources out there. It was a little bit more than other online courses I took because I had a ‘mentor’ that I could reach out to and had stuff like code reviews which came with deadlines :slight_smile: other than that I just tried to practice writing my own little functions and apps in JavaScript. It was hard for like 5/ 6 months, but eventually it started making sense. Little by little haha


Thanks man :slight_smile: good luck to you


Thanks for your story. You are an inspiration.


Ugh, I’m inspired a lot! Great story :wink: