Aadding image to html

Aadding image to html


I created a logo on photoshop, i saved it on my google drive so that i could add the link to my img source, but the url is not working. how else can i do it?


what is the link, is it private?

For the FCC projects, I usually upload my files in an image site, like imgur.com


I just did as you said

here is my code

blackeez logo

and its not working


@willyblack Some kind of screenshot, or copy and paste of your code will be very helpful for us to assist you in solving the issue


you pasted the image folder link: https://imgur.com/Z5deyCI
The image link is: https://i.imgur.com/Z5deyCI.png

note the extension at the end.


Oh!! I see, thanks so much


direct link