About the Curriculum Help Subforum

About the Curriculum Help Subforum

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how do I use free code camp…i am a bit confused…

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The best way to use freecodecamp is to go along with the curriculum. The start of it is on html and css, moving the student along to other areas of study and practice. The lessons are built from individual "
“problems” that are geared towards finding a simple solution and then larger projects that you build on your own, but can model off existing examples. The thing with freecodecamp is that it is best if you try to commit to coming here everyday to learning something new.


How can the text be blue as the task stated but it won’t validate the css?
This is the second task that won’t validate in the CSS I cannot make any progress even though every other checkmark is checked except :Your h2 element should be blue.

How does it show blue in the browser if the css is not correct?

you can almost get help here: