About the Data Science category

About the Data Science category


Discuss data science, machine learning, statistics, and anything related to working with data.


I think we should keep data science as a unique category and see if people start asking questions. I would agree in fragmenting that into other ones if people start asking too different questions under that category.

Actually Quincy, I would suggest something like the following. Usual questions in the DS room:

  • Becoming a Data Scientist (what to do? courses? difference to other titles?)
  • Best data sources for data science practionners
  • Best Tools for Data Science (libraries/packages in R? Python? Scala? JavaScript?)
  • Help with Code Snipes
  • Best Methods to solve a problem (ML or unsupervised? DL?)
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science Events
  • Ethics in Data Science
  • Showing my Data Science Project!

I think this is a good list? If we target user interests instead of technical DS topics, I think that would make more sense…

Categories could be like:

  • Data Science: Events
  • Data Science: My Project
  • Data Science: Courses and Tutorials
  • Data Science: Data Sources and Real Practice
  • Data Science: Code Revision
  • Data Science: Which method should I use for…?
  • Data Science: Fundamental Concepts
  • Data Science: Data Viz
  • Data Science: Ethics
  • Data Science: Languages, Packages and Libraries
  • Data Science: Big Data and Cloud

And probably…:

  • Data Science: Getting jobs

Proposal: adding additional categories to forum, including design, testing, security, and machine learning

I think we got this granular in labels when the forums first started. However, I think we rolled them back to simpler general categories for easier navigation. I’m sure @QuincyLarson can comment on the reason behind this.

So I’d guess that he’d be opposed to making the categories that fine grained. Plus, with the search functionality, I think it’ll be easier to maintain just to have a broad category, then recommend to search from that tag to find events, jobs, etc.


Agree. I am sure it is too much. But then I don’t see why to keep ML out of DS as aggregating category :wink:

Anyway, no plans to take this into a long discussion. I am ok with any decision taken!


Thanks for the healthy discussion, though! :slight_smile:

To really get meta, the true way to go about this would be to gather data/conduct polls on the perceived divide between ML and DS…

…Soooo Google Trends is probably the closest and quickest data-driven way to decide! :wink: (grapes was my “control” search term :laughing:)

But yes, I agree with @evaristoc that the ML and DS divide is otherwise quite arbitrary.


:joy: We should have a grapes category! It is very popular!!