About the html category

About the html category


I cant pass the lessons. ı dont know why


Which lessons, can you provide the link.?


basic html lessons . ı do all instractions but ı cant go anymore


Okay i understand, can you be more specific at your doubts and provide a link so that we could explain you and state where the problems exist



this is what i wrote . for the first lesson whts wrong here.



i wrote


This is almost correct, have a space between Hello and World


when i run the tests. ı cant see output below .ı do all things


ı should use “” into code like this " Hello World"


Which browser are you using, chrome woks better, IE doesn’t work well for most of the test, prefer chrome or firefox

And also provide the code you have tried

Use (```) these backticks three front and three after the code or click this symbol in your message editor </> and paste the code between those


You will see the output on the right column


I use IE browser . may be problem here. ı will change.thanks


ı solve problem . ı have to use chrome browser thns you 'r great


You are welcome, Happy Coding.! :wink: