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The Hint for Challenge 67 is Not Working (Basic CSS: Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks)

Hello, i im new in coding and i am facing a small problem. i want to tell the browser to access pictures and videos when you click the images and video button.

Hello there so to begin with the button html tag goes like so 

Now to put a link to you image on the button do as so 

<button><a href="LINK"> <img src="LINK TO PICTURE" /></a></button>


I am new to web developement and i need to see a button when i click an other button using HTML And Css thank you


I am new here… I have typed in the HTML elements. I cant find the next thing to do! pls help.



Alright… I somehow made it so my background is messed
up on my index page. I dont want to use !important on the html,
body in css even though ik
it works, PLEASE HELP.



Hi Everyone,
As a newby I was hoping someone could please tell me why my white text on a black body looks grey?


@DJB24 Will you please share the screenshot of the code and output ?


Hi Kundan.
Thank you for your reply. I managed to contact a couple of lads in my locale, last night, who helped me to figure out what I was doing wrong.
I had it written as follows:
body { background-colour: black}
text {color:white}

I thought because I prefixed the background colour as black that I would have to do the same for the text. I forgot that that using the word “text” isn’t a selector and that it simply confused the issue when the backround should simply be followed by color: white. I made the changes and it all worked out fine. But, regardless of that, thank you for taking the time to reply. It is very kind of you.


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I can not understand how to insert a property into an id. In this case the thumbnail. Can anyone help me understand how this is done?


hey guys i m new to coding. will u plz tell me about certifications and interships.


@jneanz not sure if you got your answer but I was able to duplicate your result.
the test is asking for font-family: Lobster
you have font-family: Lobster, cursive


Hello Emurillojr,

I am stuck at a test where I am being asked to comment out a Google font API for Lobster as one task. Another task is asking for the same Lobster family input which the other task is blocking out. When I remove the comment and run the test that particular task passes but the comment fails. When I reapply the comment that task fails and the comment passes.

I’m not really sure what to do about this. The coding appears to be functional and passes when the tests are run separately.

Have you seen a similar issue with your testing?


hi i am new can tell me how i can ask for help


pls I am new on this platform. How do I make an src attribute point to an image


Hello Community I have learned HTML and was putting it to test, I’m stuck on this one thing. It is asking me to have an id attribute set to “footer”
how would that be?


Could you help me a little with an attribute?


please can you give me a feedback


Very well mate. Can I copy the code? & Also can you help me with an attribute error?