About the HTML-CSS category

About the HTML-CSS category


finished the 5 projects in the responsive web design certificate
and currently doing the javascript. challenges.



:root {

–red-color: red;


.red-box {

background: var(–red-color);

height: 200px;




<div class=“red-box”></div>

above the code
and here a task nd i dont know how to do this help me–
Your .red-box rule should include a fallback with the background set to red immediately before the existing background declaration.


This is the type of information I’ve long been trying to find. Thank you for writing this information. ناصر حقیقی


Will you tell me that what is css minify? What is https://cssminifier.org/ do? Please tell me the Advantages and Disadvantages of minify css?


my box to the right is empty, I cant input anything , new to this using explorer


Currently working through responsive web design and I was wondering, should I try to learn a css framework before the end of this certificate? Or just save that for later down the road?