About the IN-Berlin Hackerspace

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The venue for our meetup is the IN-Berlin hackerspace in Wedding. The full location can be found below the title of this post.

The space is owned by the Individual Network Berlin, which is a community Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are other meetups happening here, like the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG) or the electronics laboratory (eLAB). You can even host your own event here (just message me).


Coffee and water are provided for free, other beverages (like beer, coke, mate, etc.) are available for 1€/bottle, snacks (like snickers, chocolate, etc.) for 0,25€/0,5€ and instant soups for 0,70/1€.
There is a microwave, a water cooker and even an oven if you want to heat up something for yourself.


Main room:

From the outside: