About the Italy Study Groups category

About the Italy Study Groups category

Welcome on the freeCodeCamp Italy groups page.

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Hi, my name is Camilla from Modena (italy), I’m newbie programmer.
I started to develop three months ago through courses and I enjoyed with FreeCodeCamp.
FreeCodecamp allows to study different aspects about front-end and back-End.
I am currently facing the first projects / even if I have to confess that I have interrupted, but slowly I am returning to programming).
I hope that this category allow to discuss and find new programmers to deploy projects (and become why not friends ).


Hi Camilla,

Nice to hear from you.
We try to make learning more easy and more pleasant by learning together.
If you face with dead ends someone here on forum will definitely give you a hand.

Practice makes perfect and to get the job done is more then perfect. :fireworks:

Hello guys!!!

I’m Alessandro from Ancona, and I’ve approached freecodecamp since a couple of weeks ago.

I hope to improve soon and get hired as a freelance developer!!!

What are your goals?

Big Hug

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Ehi Guys im Levi
From Brescia.
started 2 weeks ago :smile:

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Hi all! :smiley:
Layer here from ‘appennino modenese’!

Slowly building a portfolio to start applying for remote jobs/freelance stuff ^^

‘See’ you soon!

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I am a Chemistry student in Bologna, I first approached coding because I was curious, as an hobby, and in future I will move from web development to data science and simulations.

Nice to meet you all!

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