About the Nigeria Study Groups category

About the Nigeria Study Groups category

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I hope to get to meet more Nigerians on freeCodeCamp here. Cheers to the Nigeria freeCodeCamp community.

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I am a Nigeria that runs the Ibadan community. I am @setemiojo on twitter and work as a full time software developer in Lagos.

Me too. Are you just starting out, an active learner or a veteran

Kinda sign up here newly. Kudos to the freeCodeCamp Campers from Naija :nigeria:

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Yes. Nice to meet up here. We have a lot of Nigerian on the platform

Nice to meet Nigerians here. I am a newbie in programming with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Please i need a place to start as an intern, because the experience is very important. I live in Lagos around Ajah environs.

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feel so good to be part of this amazing community.greetings from abuja

anyone in Port harcourt?