About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category


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I have Finished my tribute page.
Please have a look and drop ur feedbacks.
My page is here…

Thanks .


Hi, @mounteverest

You did a great job with your tribute page!

I have one suggestion: Your small thumbnail images are distorted. It happens because you did not keep the same aspect ratio as the original. To correct this, you should crop these images using a photo editing program to make them proper squares.

This is really the only flaw I see in your page. Nice work!


Thank you Macloo for ur feedback.I’ll fix the pictures.


I would like feedback for my personal portfolio please.


Link Project http://codepen.io/SabarJH/full/eBjaYo/


Here is a link to my Tribute Page project. Not fancy but I wanted to keep it simple and straight forward. Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.



Please could you give your feedback about my Personal Portfolio Project http://codepen.io/gabecodev/full/ZBVgWb/

Thank you so much.


Good start, @GabeCodev !

  1. Note that you have a typo at the top – pasionate should be passionate.

  2. The words “Web Developer - Linux & Unix System Administrator” are hard to read because of the background photo.

  3. The social icons are VERY small! I think they would look better if they were larger.



Here is a link to my Tribute Page Project : http://codepen.io/qubit/pen/JEPvBw

Any feedback is super appreciated.


Ah, so here’s a tribute page. It seems to work well on all platforms, though the SVG line separator causes some problems on small phones in portrait. I’ll probably drop it off at CodeReview.SE too, since I have some experience with the community there. Feedback appreciated, as is the norm.

Here’s the project.


Feedback needed! Please take a look!

and here’s my tribute page while I’m at it


Hello fellow campers :slight_smile:

This is my Nelson Mandela tribute page :slight_smile: This is my first webpage ever, any constructive feedback and/or tips is highly appreciated :slight_smile:



I just completed my tribute page. I would really appreciate any advice or feedback.

Thank you guys so much for your time.

Link: http://codepen.io/Soun-Ja/pen/VPbyoE



Great I like your portfolio Good job


Hello everyone

Could you please give me a feedback about my personal portfolio? I’m very new to coding and I would really appreciate your opinion.
The link: http://codepen.io/trainer88/pen/vgGpwJ


Hi @trainer88
Is not bad good Job !


Hey guys, can you review this project? it’s my first project using bootstrap. thanks in advance. http://codepen.io/shmesa22/pen/egxvNG


Hi there!
I finally completed my weather app… I struggled to show the background page by the data from API. It should be fine now.

I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.
Weather app


Hi everyone!
I’ve just finished my Portfolio Project (including right library in CodePen just kills me… :no_mouth:).
It’s here!
Would you like to take a look and share some comments with me, please? :slight_smile:
I couldn’t figure out how to make a navbar fixed on the top but at the same time the one that moves the content of the page down when I press the “hamburger button”. Moreover, I wanted to add some padding between those 3 social media buttons on the bottom of the page. But when I add some padding in CSS they act weird when I resize the page to small size. I want them to order evenly one under another when I’m in small size. How can i fix it?
I’d appreciate your help with those two things! :pray: