About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category


Hello guys,

Would you give me some feedback on my Wikipedia Viewer project?

I do have an issue implementing the enter key. It seems to work fine when I run it locally but in Codepen it starts working after the first search attempt.



here is my local weather site.
please tell me your experience.

this site is responsive so you should use this site in your smartphone .




Hello freeCodeCamp team!
I have finally post here :slight_smile:
Here is my codepen https://codepen.io/MarjC/ if motivated people are ok to give their opinion!

Thank you in advance and let the code be with you!


Hello people! I’ve finished my Tribute Page Project. This is a story about a seagull by Richard Bach.
Thank you in advance.
My Tribute Page


I like it! Was the white border around the main content intentional? I ask because I remember trying to get rid of it when I did my tribute page and having problems.


Just finished my random quote generator. I tried to use the project to learn some Sass for styling and promises for API calls and would love some feedback from anyone that has a moment. --> https://codepen.io/ddmaness/full/ddqjRE/



The easiest way to get rid of white borders in my project it’s to avoid using jumbotron component. :slight_smile: Not sure it works for you. Thank you for the comment.


Feedback please!!

Here’s the tribute page!



Hi everyone,
this is my Tribute page to Bruce Lee :wink:
Feel free to give me any advice you can.Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Here is my first project, the Tribute Page!


Tribute Page about Nelson Mandela.
I need feedback on what I can do better. Thanks


This is my codepen project may I have a feedback please. https://codepen.io/wellington18m/full/qxwaKY


Perfect Combination of Color, Style, and Craft. i like it. slick and simple

feedback if u might like>
adding padding/margin to between boxes/content will look more spacious.


A Tribute to Sridevi.

howz it?

Thanks FCC, and Community


Hello dear fellows here,
I just finished my Tribute page, please give me some feedback or comment on how can I improve the view or anything you have in mind!

Tribute to the Bibi King, the King of the cat

And I have no idea on how to start up my Portfolio page, did I miss something in the previous lessons? I don’t have any impression on how to make the build a banner and how to make the buttons stay on the same place and scrolling the page without moving them? Or we just need to figure out all this by ourselves? Thanks for your kindly replying!

p.s. How can I have a thumbnail for sharing my link like everyone else? please do give me a hint, thanks!


Hi, here is my CodePen Tribute Page: Ayrton Senna
Thanks in advance.


Hello, fellow campers!!!

I just completed my tribute page to Mark Zuckerberg which I started late last night. Super excited about learning more and completing the entire program! I'd also like your feedback on my design! It's not fancy or anything but I wanted it to mock Facebook's layout. I hope to get to know some of you and keep in touch throughout my stay here at FCC!

Project Link - https://codepen.io/sarahphl/pen/xWgYjg

Thanks in advance for viewing!


Hi! Here’s my tribute page - any feedback would be welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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