About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category


Hello everybody!

here my quick Tribute Page, dedicated to a real superfeline hero! :grin:

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!


Oh my gosh this is adorable and so creative! Cute kitty!


So kind of you! :blush:


STATUS-STATEMENT: I have made available my cflx4twitter Twitter-App for download (instead a quoting-machine)

I-MESSAGE: I am happy that I could make this work with only 2 PHP-pages, and I am a bit curious if I’m getting it all right here…

APPEAL: Please, check it out, give some feedback - ask questions if you have any!

At first: do I really have to click on the Reply icon, to make a post in this category? As a former phpBB admin & user and as a developer of the C-BOARD discussion-board for project collaboration, I am used in getting / making available an opened textarea at the bottom at the discussion-thread to start typing in (in some other forums it’s at the beginning)…

Second: The project I want to introduce / get some feedback:
I did not make a random-quote-machine, but created a CFLX-enhanced Twittering machine…
It’s available via sourceforge:

A README.txt file is contained within the package.

…I hope, I’m getting everything right here…
Thanks in advance,



I have finished my tribute page.
Any feedback is super appreciated.

Project Link - http://codepen.io/salvescoding/full/KWYEWd/



I’d be interested to now what anyone thought of the projects I’ve completed so far. The calculator and the Random Quote. They are limited a bit stylewise, but I only using break times in work to do them… don’t be harsh.


Hi i have completed tribute page project, http://codepen.io/June17ang/pen/eWOGaQ


Hi :slight_smile: tribute page feedback is very welcome

See the Pen tribute page FCC by Brankaandreja (@brankaandreja) on CodePen.


Hi. I have finished my portfolio project. here it is. any feedback will be great.


Here’s the Random Quote Machine:

: http://codepen.io/paulnewman-m/full/dWdPWK


Personal Portfolio Page: http://codepen.io/robertfg/full/qrewqp/

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


Very nice. I’m a big fan of Mozart. The contrast between the container and the body isn’t much, but I’m not sure if that’s intentional.


Hello everbody.

i have finished my portifolio page and more two projects. Rate please.



its a amazing job. try put more color on background, some gradient color.


Thank you for the feedback! I thought you keep it simple. Actually before i had done Similar project plz check this.

Random Quote Machine


i dont code my random quote yet.
wow. look fine your quote machine, but the color is too strong for eye. try change to another more light.
-----amazing job-----


@thenewbiemaster I had got different suggestions but you are only the one said about the color ,i thought its was cool but really it’s odd for eyes and i change to new cool one .thanks for the info.

color changed


Hello All,

I have finished my Tribute Page and I would get some feedback. x)

Thanks in advance!


Hey guys, here is my link to Tribute Project about Patch Adams. https://codepen.io/ideaman06/full/rmoayz/

Thanks in advance.


Hello everyone,

I have finished my Tribute Page
Not fancy but I wanted to keep it simple and straight forward
Here is a link to my Tribute Page Project : https://codepen.io/MarcinTax/pen/qjbQrG

Any feedback is super appreciated.