About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category


I’d appreciate some feedback on my Tribute page here.

I can’t view the image on my phone (but not sure why). Are there any mistakes, omissions, or changes you think I could add to improve it?



Hi all,
Here is my tribute page. It is pretty simple and intentionally so. Any feedback would be appreciated.



I think I posted in t he wrong topic.


Very Nice! I like the layout which somethng i struggle with still.


Thanks for the feedback.


Hi everyone, I just completed my wikipedia viewer https://codepen.io/wadleo/pen/QgGJqw. Feel fill to send your feedback here, thanks.


hi everybody i just finished my personal page :smiley: to be honest it still needs a little bit of work and i was thinking maybe you can take a look and tell me why its acting like this 1.few images don’t load but i have no idea why the seem to be identically placed as other ones.
2. the nav-bar is extended and not closed when you open it on the phone anny idea how to change that?
i’m really interested in your feedback and how can i improve? :slight_smile:




Thank you for creating a forum where we can safely ask for some feedback on our projects!

I have just completed my portfolio project. It is still very much in progress. Eventually I will probably add logos to the footers and media queries for different device sizes. Though I am not quite sure how to do the latter.
Thanks for checking it out!


Great job, Kalyani! I’m a big fan of St. Mother Teresa! – 1 quick note – It appears that your link to the wikipedia page is missing the “target” attribute in order to open in a new tab. I believe @QuincyLarson mentioned needing to add that for codepen projects! Be well and code on!


Hi, @mounteverest!

Good job!

Try to use div class=“container” instead div class=“container-fluid”. it might looks better. But it is just my opinion.


Here is my tribute page. Any feedback would be appreciated.



I just finished my tribute page to “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam” and link is https://codepen.io/webster123/project/editor/DYejxJ/ and I would love some feedback.I am just absolute beginner,so please checkout my project tell me how it is


hello. this is my tribute page code. Please feel free to critique.



This is my Tribute Page. Any feedback is welcomed. I’m not sure if there are easier ways to do it.



hi guys this is my portfolio page https://s.codepen.io/webster123/debug/XgxBmE/YvMgOPgDWogM
please checkout and give your suggestion:eyeglasses:


Hi everyone I have completed Tribute page project.:- https://codepen.io/Ujjwal1409/full/LLXKJa/


Well done guy.

https://codepen.io/Ujjwal1409/full/LLXKJa/1 as a 1st tribute page, really well done.


Hi, this is my first tribute page. It’s a very simple page.

Please comment.
Thank you!



My portfolio page is below, would appreciate any feedback on what I can do to improve it further. I’ll be adding some more projects as I go.



This is my first attempt at a tribute page. Would love some insight into making it more interactive. I wanted it to be somewhat simple and to the point but if anybody has a creative idea i am always open to it. Thank you in advance.

JRE Tribute