About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category

Here is mine



Hi all :slight_smile:
Here is my Tribute Page



Here’s my Tribute Page to Martin Luther King

(not yet finished : I will add a link)


Feedback and/or suggestions needed

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Hello everybody,
I just finished my first project and I would appreciate some review.
The URL for codepen is:A tribute to Pirandello

It’s a simple page about one of my favourite writers, Luigi Pirandello.

Have a nice night/day, folks!




Hello Everyone,

finished my tribute page and my portfolio, will appreciate your feedback :wink:
BTW: i used a smooth page scroll code snippet from around web, and I couldn’t fix a big issue with my portfolio project: after it loads the page, the browser auto-scroll to the bottom of the page. I couldn’t find the code responsible for this one so if anyone can find it, please help me out :slight_smile:

Tribute Page: https://codepen.io/cociug/full/LygPWR/

Portfolio project: https://codepen.io/cociug/full/JrGomG/



please review https://codepen.io/adexbam/pen/ZXXYeM



portfolio project… reviews pleASE…contribution would be highly appreciated



Hello Everyone,
I have completed my tribute and portfolio page.
Do provide feedback and/or improvements

Tribute Link: https://codepen.io/Bala-96/full/OxQXmw
Portfolio Link: https://codepen.io/Bala-96/full/gGvBdg



HI all, I am Alec, and I’m fairly new to the fCC community. I just started a few days ago. I wanted to share my project and receive feedback. I finished it a few days ago. The process was quite painstaking because I wasn’t aware we were expected or at least encouraged to use bootstrap (I used only the container class and “img responsive”). Anyway, live and learn. Here it is! It is a tribute to the late Maryam Mirzakhani, the first female winner of the Fields medal of Mathematics. She died a few months ago from breast cancer, so I thought a tribute to her would be appropriate in honor of breast cancer awareness month. I need to go back and have another look at the timeline I wrote for her, but that is somewhat incidental, I am curious to hear critiques over my designs. Thanks in advance. Here it is! : https://codepen.io/WordJord/full/OxZbgV/



Hello fellow coders! I have started FCC this week and completed my Tribute Page, finally. I tried learning bootstrap, but found it way too complicated and the html code looks like a mess, which made me anxious.

Also, I want to LEARN how things work and what I am doing, and bootstrap felt like an unnecessary shortcut for a beginner. So I went looking for other solutions and discovered CSS Grids, a real thing of beauty. Anyways, if you are curious to see what I created, here it is, my tribute page to Stan Lee.

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Hi @CodeJord911 , I tried bootstrap but found it so messy and complicated, that I decided to write my project using only html and pure css, no bootstrap or other shortcuts. Here is my tribute page, if you want to see how it turned out. It is responsible, and actually the grid layout changes as you scale the site up or down. Super proud of this one, it’s my first website and I learned SO MUCH, and I feel it will be so useful in the future!

Feedback about your tribute page: I didn’t know about Maryam and she really deserves a tribute page. It seemed she was a brilliant scientist and it is a shame she lost her battle against cancer. In terms of design, I think the light pink color behind the text is great, it reminds of the breast cancer awareness color and makes for great readibility paired with the black font. I am not a fan of the purple color used for the headers and the quote. Somehow it seems too “bright” on the eyes, if you know what I mean?! Also, I think the bright red background is “competing for attention” with the rest of the side. I played a bit with the colors and I think a much darker red, more to a wine or plum color worked much better and made the content area more in focus.

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I have Finished my tribute page to Sinai Peninsula .
Please have a look and drop ur feedback.
My page is here…
thanks in advance

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@mairamartinsk when I tried your page on small screen, The order of blocks changed completely …the pic of Stan Lee goes down , the pic of the rock man goes up to the top of the page and so on. I’m a beginner too and I don’t if my feedback will help you …but I hope so.

it would be nice if you give me your feedback on my tribute page to Sinai here.

thanks in advance



Hi @mairamartinsk Thanks for the feed back. I enjoyed your tribute page and thought it was well designed. Only critique I have is that you use the word “responsible” in your footer and I think you mean “respsonsive” to refer to how the page “responds” to changing sizes of a user’s screen. Overall great job though. You have a good eye for design, something I am trying to develop.



@CodeJord911, thank you! Totally missed that one! Typo fixed :slight_smile:



Hi @mohamedeliwa, thank you for your feedback! You are right, when my page scales up or down, the elements (blocks) all move to different places. That is because I did not use Bootstrap to make it responsive, I used CSS Grids. It’s a new method, and it allows you to move things on the page, so I wanted to play with that. I could have made it look all the same at all sizes, but I designed the blocks to change completely on purpose :smiley:

My feedback to you: Your tribute page to Mount Sinai is beautiful. The images are really striking and I like the color palette and typography you chose! One thing you should pay attention to: it is best practice to avoid using ID elements, when a Class would do. Also, on the CSS stylesheet, you should avoid using the !important so much. That is only for when you can’t override the color of an element using classes or ids.

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Hi all,

I’m Emel, I’m pretty new to coding and I just finished my tribute page. I’d appreciate it if you could give a feedback.

Thank you!!



hello guys, check out my personal portfolio site https://dawoodshahat.github.io
suggestion are appreciated



thanks for your words … i appreciate it :smiley:



Hi! I’ve just finished my tribute page.
Please could you give your feedback about it

Thanks in advance!