About the Project Feedback category

About the Project Feedback category

Hey guys, I have developed a webpage on Elon Musk.
I want feedback on my webpage.

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Hello and Happy New Year!
I built my personal portfolio webpage. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

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Hello @sidemt ! :slight_smile:

I just checked your portfolio page and it’s actually quite good.
It’s simple but it has everything inside.

I just saw one thing, it’s a detail but if I click on your navbar titles (about, portfolio or contact) it scrolls down a bit too much as you I can’t see the title of the section anymore. I had the same issue and added a new class to my h1 headings with padding top: 3m;

Beside of that: Really good work !

Cheers ! :sunny:

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hi , i really want to get a feedback on my portfolio page, it doesn’t have any of my projects on it (because i don’t have :smile: ) but please look at the code and design. thank you! :slight_smile:




First time Coding attempt
"A Tribute Page"
Project Link - https://codepen.io/dj_xd24/full/PEJGNM/1
FeedBack is absolutely welcomed !
Thank You in advance :slight_smile:



Hello All, Please I need a feedback on the Tribute Page i did
Project Link -

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Hi everybody! :smiley:

I’ve just finished my tribute page. It is about the first man in the space Yuri Gagarin :rocket:. To be honest, it was my first work on Bootstrap, so in my opinion this page is very-very-very simple.

Please, give me a feedback.

Have a nice day!:wink::hugs:



Hi! Everything works!:slight_smile: Nice project!
But in my opinion this page could be more presentable. For example, make position of the buttons to the left and to the right of card with quote. Now it looks so:



Hi everyone!! finishing the portfolio page. I wait your suggestions

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Hi everyone!! finishing the tribute page. I wait your suggestions

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Hi, this is my tribute page assignment. Feel free to critique.



hi all,
This is my first front end developer project.
My project is about DR Har gobind Khurana, one of the greatest DNA researchers of all time!
Please do give the feedabck regarding the code and content.

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I created this tribute page some time ago. Please have a look. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.



Super excited I’ve just finished my Weather App, nearly 10 hours of frustration …:white_check_mark: :+1: : https://gabrielcmoraru.github.io/Weather-App/ any feedback is more then welcomed. Thank you !!

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Hello @codenco ,

Thank you for the comment and I’m so sorry for my late reply. I missed the notification…

I applied your solution to my code and it looks much better now! :smile:

Thank you again for the helpful suggestion and kind words!

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Sure ! No probs ! :blush:



Hi all
I created this random quote machine. Please go through it and give me your valuable suggestions.

  • Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey!! your portfolio page is awesome.



I would really appreciate feedback on my tribute webpage



I would really appreciate feedback on my project on Personal Portfolio Webpage here:https://codepen.io/Sammiles400/full/yvYzBY