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can I build a mobile app with only python ?

I want to build mobile apps but I don’t know which language should I learn first ; actually a basic one to start with but now I 'm learning python basic. I’m on my lesson about “find strings in string” right now .I need help!

I tried searching an answer on google and found out that there are some Python frameworks for cross-platform app development that you can use to build Mobile apps such as Kivy, Beeware and many others.

I would say that it is very close to being possible for someone that is not an expert, but you may need some familiarity with more primitive nuts and bolts ‘native’ scripting and coding such as Android’s Scripting Layer(SL4A) and a bit of C, or Objective C on iOS, to interact with specific mobile devices and their sensors. See qPython’s Android QSL4A examples (https://www.qpython.com/).
As for a first language to learn to build mobile apps, I would suggest Object-Oriented Python 3.7 rather than JAVA, even though JAVA is the most commonly used language for the Android SDK. Bypass JAVA as a second language for Javascript/ES6 (since you will understand O-O programming with Python and could pick JAVA up using Jython if required libraries were only available in Java). Javascript/ES6 and HTML, CSS etc. is cross-platform and a lot of Apps for Mobile devices are for interacting with and through the internet (See Node.js, React Native, Electron and NW.js etc.) Many Browser-based Web Apps also work offline and can be designed even for desktop only use. Then you can drill down to a language preferred by a mobile device operating system’s developers such as Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS.

“The goal of this training is to show you how to start developing full Android applications using only Python.”

"Yes, you can use python language to develop a mobile app but nowadays most of the app developers are not using this because their SSL libraries are out of date. As checked quora has also answered previously - Can I make an Android app with Python?



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“Since answering this question I’ve stopped using python-for-android because the SSL libraries are out of date and I couldn’t see a way to update them easily. Kivy is still a working alternative.”

Thank you so much , I will try with your recommendations.

Thank you I have heard about Kivy on youtube .I will try with that .

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Why there is no Python on FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum? Is it possible to add it?
Since Python is on a huge demand and very popular.