About the Support category

About the Support category


Report any problems you’re having with freecodecamp.org here, and we’ll try and fix them.


h2 {color: blue;}

Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.

c1 but its still red. how do I change it blue?


Having Problems with the first few Bootstrap challenges. I’ve been able to pass them but I noticed they are not working properly as in the bootstrap button is not showing up nor is it placed under the first cat photo like directed so to do initially. My guess is the hidden link to bootstrap was not added in those first couple of examples as it seems to be working in later challenges


Can I report problems on here with learn.FreeCodeCamp?


After recent changes to the fcc website, all my code are gone.
My progress is visible in the curriculum but when I go to the particular challenge the code is reset to starting value.
It’s a little bit inconvenient because the code in completed challenges makes some kind of examples and guidebook which I could utilize for completing next challenges.

Could you reinstate the code which I wrote in completed challenges it will mean a world to me.


Is there a way I can change my username here on the forum?



Hi. Is there a way I can change my default email? Apparently, for some reason I had to add a second email because my email associated with GitHub wasn’t somehow valid. I don’t understand that.


Specification error in one of the test case Cash Register assignment.

checkCashRegister(19.5, 20, [["PENNY", 0.01], ["NICKEL", 0], ["DIME", 0], ["QUARTER", 0], ["ONE", 1], ["FIVE", 0], ["TEN", 0], ["TWENTY", 0], ["ONE HUNDRED", 0]]) should return {status: "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS", change: []} .

The cash register should have enough cash for the change.


Hi Quincy, Need your help… I have projects I want to do through coding… rather than paying someone to do it, I thought it would be fun and cheaper to code them myself!!.. there’s no deadline for completion and I’m a fast learner with lots of time. I really love FreeCodeCamp because it allows me to preview what I’m doing side by side with the code scripts. I have also looked ahead on the curriculum and thought how exciting it was that I can be capable of such projects and will have that understanding of code.

I am also using GitHub to revise the code I learn from FreeCodeCamp to experiment… although that platform does not have as good preview… and I can not run it side by side… and I don’t really know the formalities of the code layout… maybe I do… I’m not sure.

One of my problems is, FreeCodeCamp is saying I’ve completed 0 projects and 0 lessons… I don’t know why… I’ve been running the tests (I don’t know how long I should have to wait for them to be checked) at the end and don’t seem to get any feedback or achievements… knowing fine well I did… so I moved on. the problem keeps recurring… right from the very start… so I don’t know if its a problem… or that’s how it is or… you see my dilemma?

anyway another problem… I don’t know how or where to begin making a website or game or algorithm… but I understand the elements the code and the odd other things I recognise but I don’t know where to begin making my own ?! is that crazy I don’t know. (if you have some places, videos, or reading I should do to understand how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated)

Thanks from your friendly Camper,