Access Array Data with Indexes - Issue

Access Array Data with Indexes - Issue


In “Basic JavaScript: Access Array Data with Indexes” challenge, i click “Run the Tests” and nothing happens. The icons remain stock, they don’t show X as they should if my code is failing.


Please provide a link to your challenge, always.


Sure, sorry.


No problem. read the example again and lmk if you still don’t get it


var myData: myArray[0];
Is this not the solution? When i click Run the Tests, nothing happens


You’re so close that I’ll give you the solution:
You have

Now, it just so happens that


should be replaced by


for myData to EQUAL your accessed value in myArray.

That is to say:

var myData=myArray[0];


ahhhh right!! thanks so much. CSS & HTML messed with my habits :smiley:


Also, try using the console next time. Click F12 if you’re using chrome (otherwise google it) and paste all your code with a


; statement with the variable or any other datatype that you’re not 100% sure what it is.

In this case, that would mean:


at the end of your code, pasted and run in the console.


Hahahhahaha I see :joy:


I didn’t fully understand, can you give me keywords to search forum to find out more?


Debugging Look at bottom of page in this page


I see. thanks :heart:


@Tchig and @Dadebayor You can always use for JS challenges


Oh, I like that, thank you!


Can you see the array logged in
Is there any way to trim the look of it so that it doesn’t begin and end with spaces?


I think we can’t, it’s the basic design of, maybe they did that for a neat layout look


It’s not that important so don’t spend time on it


Alright thanks

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