Adjust the Hover State of an Anchor Tag

Adjust the Hover State of an Anchor Tag


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The anchor tag color should remain black, only add CSS rules for the :hover state.
The anchor tag should have a color of blue on hover.
// tests completed

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a :hover{ color:#000; color: blue; }


  a {
<a href="" target="_blank">CatPhotoApp</a>

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You can only have one for each property in a block. So you can’t have two color props.

Take a look a the examples lower in this page to guide you


thx Mr.mendez :slight_smile: , i’m going right now to the link

a { color:#000; } a :hover { color: blue; }



it still does’nt work


Hi @marouane1987,

You should put your hover inside style tag <style> </style> like this:

  a {
    color: #000;

Good luck and have a happy coding.

Ali Mosaad


You have a space between the a and :hover, and you must not


it does’nt work , maybe it’s a bug in the website ??

a { color: #000 ; } a:hover { color: blue ; }



it’s ok , it works now thx everybody


Good luck @marouane1987 and have a happy coding.



Hello. Sorry, but this is so simple and I cannot see what am I doing wrong.


add this below the existing CSS code:

a:hover {
          color: red;


It apparently worked when I reloaded the page.


not working for me, is this a bug ?