Advance HTML and CSS

Advance HTML and CSS


I was looking at projects made by other campers on Facebook. I couldn’t recognize some Html tags and some Bootstrap classes.
So from where should I learn Html CSS and Bootstrap more in depth?


The general answer






I think for the you can refer to
They have really amazing tutorials!!!
I started learning web development from there, and if you have any questions, you can ask them at the FreeCodeCamp forum!
Hope this helps…


Be aware that any word can be an HTML tag if someone creates custom elements. Look up “web components”. With HTML5 there were many added semantic elements but I’m just saying don’t assume that any tag you read out there is necessarily an existing HTML5 tag.


I’m not sure about “amazing”. They often omit information about browser compatibility issues, best practices, and deprecated technologies.

They’re a decent “quick intro” for most things, but MDN is almost always better for anything more in depth.


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It’s true that not all MDN articles are beginner friendly (it’s essentially a wiki, so a variety of levels of complexity and quality are to be expected), but due to the overall quality and usability, I’d say it’s the best resource out there to use as a “first port of call”. If it turns out to be too complex or poorly written for a given topic, then you have a good case for going back to W3Schools.