Advanced algorithms?!

Advanced algorithms?!


I am at the part with advanced algorithms, but they are too hard for me.
Is there any problem if I skip them? Are 'em so important?


The advanced algorithms are not required if you want the front end cert. You only have to do the projects and the other algorithms.


Hey there,

Well I am on the Advanced algorithms myself and I do agree with you that they’re hard. I was struggling with the “Validate US Telephone Numbers” one yesterday and after an hour of frustration I wanted to give up but then I gave it a thought and realized the reason I am frustrated is because I don’t know regular expressions well enough, so what if I learn it then? I went through MDN and after an hour or so it started to make sense and I did it.

(TL;DR), They seem hard because maybe you don’t know the stuff so I’d say instead of skipping give it another chance and see if things work out.


That’s all I could do…ah…


Thanks, appreciate it.


IMO they’re worth doing in any case. But you could always complete the projects first and come back to them later.


The ‘50 hours’ is there for a reason :slight_smile:



I would suggest attempting them even if they are too hard right now. But it’s okay to skip them and come back later as well. :smile:


I am trying to do the JavaScript Calculator…yeah. I think I am stuck… again. :3


@razvanel666 Don’t feel bad or let it discourage you! I’m stuck myself, so I’m jumping around a bit, but I’m going back to one of the projects today. You can do it! :smiley:


Thanks for your motivation, I know you will do it too… currently I’m out of ideas and I don’t think this will change soon.


When it comes to FCC certificates, only the challenges marked with a * are required.
BUT I think you’ll find it difficult to do some of the projects if you aren’t able to do the advanced algorithms challenges.
AND if you’re hoping for a career in programming, you should be aware that the advanced algorithms are very similar to interview questions.


I do NOT DO FreeCodeCamp JUST for certificates. :slight_smile:
I know, I think this is all I could teach by myself, and I may need a teacher from now…and that won’t happen too soon.


To learn the algorithms it takes time. You have to put in the work it helps with other parts of programming. Once you learn the patterns you see them in every language.


No, its impossible. I just gave up.


Do you have to be good at math to code?
I like to program, but I also like to have people to talk to about coding. I’m teaching myself and now i’m stuck. Great to know other people are stuck, makes me feel like a part of a community. I’m doing the “Random quote machine” project and I’m lost.


So intermediate too?


The intermediate algorithms are required. But try to do some of the advanced ones too.


You’re really going to feel like a million dollars if you work through them and overcome.


Yeah, it gives, confidence.