Advice for Typing Speed

Advice for Typing Speed
  1. There are lot of Apps available in Stores.Download and try to use in free time
  2. Find a keyboard that you’re comfortable with.
  3. Keep eye on Screen.



In middle school we had covers over the keyboard so we couldn’t look down, there was a program that taught us how and now days I can type very quickly, throughout high school I typed all my notes so I had to go quickly that’s how I got so fast, however what may help having something like Google Docs on one half of your screen, and a book in an eReader on the other half then try to copy what’s in the book as fast as possible, it makes good practice. Online chatting can also help when everyone’s talking quickly, join freeCodeCamp’s gitter chat :slight_smile:


Buy tip-ex and paint all your keys white.


I’d like to use this, just set your timer for twnety minutes each day, and you’ll see improvements.


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I don’t know how helpful this is to you, but my typing speed was mostly obtained by writing novels. Maybe take up writing, like a blog about your progress learning to code? This is also just a fun thing to do in general, and if you’re learning web design, it could be a practical exercise too… or if you don’t want to pay for hosting (A Small Orange is $8/mo and has good support) then you can just cheat and get a WordPress :stuck_out_tongue:

Coding just doesn’t involve enough typing to make much of a dent in your speed, especially if you’re looking down at the keys because you’re trying to find angle brackets or curly braces or the pipe button | all the time. It’s helpful to know all the normal keys first before you have to get used to the position of whatever weird keys your language frequently uses.


Okay guys this really shouldn’t be a topic:

No one here is so good at coding that you cant physically type fast enough to keep up with your mind. Like what are you trying to do? type one line of code per 2 seconds for a hour?


use typing faster game to type very fast use this link it helps me a lot -


I think what John said is worth noting… I type 95 words a minute, but that has been useless to me since writing code and writing a document are completely different…

The only time typing quickly has come in handy was while I was in bootcamp to kee up with my instructor for live coding. Other than that, I can easily code as fast as I think…considering how long it takes me to think of what it is I want to write. Im a whiz with the delete key though…if that counts for anything.


Agree with this. My typing isn’t the best but from years of typing on computers and on TTYs when I used them did help- I’m not a hunt’n’pecker but I still have to look to find the numbers row sadly since macs don’t have a number pad.

Interestingly my bootcamp did put some emphasis on practicing typing or at least encouraged it. I know faster typing helped others during lectures but for me it was trying to look at the projector screen, look at my monitor while typing and look at my interpreter(s). Something had to give. :laughing:

With coding (and QA Testing) you spend more time researching, thinking, and breaking down coding/creating test cases into smaller chunks so for me typing isn’t as high on my priority list of skills needed.


Get a split keyboard so you don’t cross your fingers to the “wrong” side.


use this program typingfaster
or back the new one 2.0