All progress lost

All progress lost


I have done hundreds of tutorials the last time i log in now i use the site second time and lost all my progress i suppose freecodecamp developers dont know how to code they better use some of these tutorials to help themselves save progress.


Every day someone posts a similar complaint. Please search the topic instead of posting it.


First its not a complaint
Second if the freecodeCamp cant even implement a trivial thing as saving progress maybe its their problem rather than the people you call ‘Complaining about it’.
By the way i searched the topic before posting it seems like nobody found any solution yet and the problem keeps happening to new people.


i would actually be devastated if i signed in an all my work had been wiped feel your pain man …


I suppose you are not talking about the beta site?
Have you tried logging in with both GitHub and email?
What is your username on freeCodeCamp?


mericaliyigit is my profilename in freecodecamp


Maybe this helps:


If you’ve truly lost your progress on the regular site than I am sorry to hear that, and also very surprised as it’s very stable.
My assumption was that this happened to you on the beta site. It is well documented that the beta site is not stable and progress will be lost - and many posts on here refer to that problem. I hope you get yours resolved. My apologies for being harsh.


It also depends on what you mean by “lost all my progress”. Many people don’t realize that the “Map” doesn’t permanently store all the data from every. Many people panic when they find that out. But if you click on the progress indicator (the number in the brackets) you will see your progress and your saved solutions. Please confirm that your data isn’t there.


This happened to me too