Am I too old for this

Am I too old for this

I’m just a old retired truck driver, who would like something interesting to do. Like this, I will make my own website and maintain it myself. I’m 68 is that to old? Far be it from me to be a drain of peoples resources.
Thankyou Cad

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anytime never too old to do interesting thing. You’ll did great job!


Too old to get hired? Yes.
Too old to start something interesting and maybe a side gig? No.
Who cares. Do what you want, learn what you want.

If I were you… this is how I would approach this:

I’m pretty sure you’ve led an interesting life with lots of stories. And the trucking community is a nice tight community. Right there, you have your audience. You can capitalize on your life’s experience about being a truck driver and write about this on your website… honest gadget reviews you’ve owned and used, tools, tech, places, etc. Funny stories, reflections, etc. Start a forum/community so other drivers can exchange stories, post questions, answer question, etc.

Then post ads and product links on your site that align and resonate with your audience, earn a bit of commission from product sales, or advertising clicks (like Amazon affiliate, Google Ads, eBay referrals, etc, heck maybe even sponsored post by a company that markets to truck drivers or trucking companies). Build up an audience and you can earn a few dollars, maybe a few hundred to hopefully a few thousands on monthly revenue.

Anyway, just some ideas. Good luck!


Not too old. You’ll get back from software/web development however much you can put into it.

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