An html multiple-choice game: The Spy part 2

An html multiple-choice game: The Spy part 2

Thank you sooo much for taking the time to create this awesome game and sharing your work with me brother. I really appreciate that. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have done my story game for English learners. You ROCK!

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I don’t know how to add sound either :frowning:
I have an answer button at the bottom of the other three.

I do have the cheat codes. there is a button that allows you to see the answers.

I was too lazy to only show one continue button.
I also couldn’t do sound effects. all other things you requested are done.

did you write this story on your own?

Yup. Parts are created along the way as I create more of the game.

Can you teach me how to write stories like yours?

I’m not sure it is a teachable thing… It just randomly comes from my mind.
I’ll give you some tips though.

  1. create a subject like a spy for example.
  2. think of what the character is going to do; what is he going to accomplish?
  3. start with the first part and tell the story as you go. It will be fun too because what the outcome is might surprise you. I like finding the ending of a story when I finish it.

@mbassador to come up with a story what you can do is come up with a silly idea and turn it into a story for your game.

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Wait, do you mean that I don’t really have to plan the whole story out thoroughly before writing? Can I just go with the flow and write the things as they come to my mind? Thanks for you tips sir!

brandon wallace can you pls give me an example?

Yes. That’s how I do it. I think of a spy and how his boss sends him on a mission and create the whole thing in my mind.

@mbassador Here is an example. I hear wood being sawed outside my home right now. I imagine it could be someone sawing a tree down until they made one toothpick. Then I would write a story about that. Or build a random word generator and make a story using the first five random words that appear. It could be whatever you imagine.

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Thats a great idea! Thank you Brandon!

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