And finally I am done please check my work

And finally I am done please check my work


“Wikipedia Viewer”
Any feedback
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looks nice to me, I like the slide away bit at the begining although it did take me a few seconds to realise I had to click something to find the search bar.

I like the dark minimal design.

I did find an issue though where if you hit enter in the search bar, it resets the page back to the begining.

Another user and I were talking about this same thing the other day, probably worth a read for you.


Also, your logo seems to be inheriting the random article link attributes


If you type a query and hit enter instead of clicking the button it will not search.


thanks for your feedback my friend I fixed all the issue


thanks for your feedback



yup search seems to work on key now :thumbsup:

Your logo is still inheriting the wiki link though.


I think it’s Ok now and I thank you again :wink: