Android app developement

Android app developement


I am interested in developing android apps… I do it using android studio and stuff. I have made some basic apps for some hackathons etc. I want to know how i can design the UI for the apps. Are there any frameworks available.? Are there any tutorials available for doing it in android studio.? Suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks


Have you checked out Material Design?


Yes i have once… But cant really understand how to incorporate in android studio and use those in coding the app.


Yes indeed there are many frameworks available to develop for android! If you like react there is react native. If you like vue.js there is weex. The good thing about these options is that you can use js ui frameworks for both android and ios and your app will run fast like native. Otherwise, there is java or go that works with Android too but these I don’t use much for ui. I am using weex which is awesome because I can leverage vue.js for the ui and it is simple just build my js file copy the bundle to my android asset folder and build apk or run app.


Thanks… I will check it out.


Here is the list of courses available on Udemy. Some are free, some are not–look around.

Here are the Udacity offerings for Android; a few might be free, but most are for pay.

Here are Coursera courses. They’re all free, unless you want a certificate–then they cost money. But if you need it, you can ask for a waiver.

Here’s the Edx list. Like Coursera, free, unless you need a cert.

Coursera and Edx courses are posted by colleges and universities or professors at the same; this is not necessarily true of Udemy or Udacity courses.