Android Development Help

Android Development Help


I already have experience with Java programming and have the knowledge of basics of Android development. I am looking for a book to further strengthen my knowledge! Please help me with book suggestions.


It is not a book but I can suggest you There are lots of differents level free tutorials.


yes, go for Udacity I finished Android for Beginners and it was fun and fruitful experience.


It’s a bit dated (because of how fast google likes to update android studio), but I am working through “Android Programming for Beginners” by John Horton (PACKT books)

I like it because you build things, he is entertaining when presenting theory, and you can ask questions on the book’s companion website and the author still personally responds.

Using this book, I learned a great deal about solving version issues and how to get around in the IDE.

John Horton has a great website where he teaches basic game programming (free) on several different platforms (including android) and even how to get started with C#/Unity development.


Thanks guys! I am already going over the udacity google courses! I need an comprehensive book for the times I won’t have my laptop with me!