Angular > jQuery for Advanced Back End?

Angular > jQuery for Advanced Back End?


I’m hitting the data vis projects first, but I had a general question about my future of the Advanced Back End Projects. I’ve only learned jQuery because it was in the front end certificate of FCC. However, I do know that Angular is the A in the MEAN stack. Since I’m using the rest of the MEAN stack to do all the back-end projects, is it worth it to learn Angular? I’ve had no experience with it but I know some people like it more than jQuery. Is it comparable to jQuery even?


Angular is complete MVC framework and whole solution for front end. It is well structured (have models, views, controllers as well as routing, directives and services which are used to build extensible and maintainable large web apps. Although it is very popular and powerful it’s not the easiest and React is faster. Apart from that if you ask me it is a must for large scale single page Apps. Go for it…