Any Good Resources For Learning Augmented or Virtual Reality?

Any Good Resources For Learning Augmented or Virtual Reality?


Hey, all!

I’m a huge AR/VR enthusiast and I’ve been trying to collect resources online where I can start learning how to get started. So far I’ve been reading articles on Medium, and I found one course on Udemy about creating a VR game, but nothing really outside of that.

I decided to try my luck asking around on here. Maybe I can pool all the answers I get into a document to share with anyone else who’s interested!


If you can wait, then I’ve got some good news for you: Sebastian Thrun, Founder and President, Udacity, announced in his Quora Q&A session recently that a Virtual Reality Nanodegree is coming soon:–-from-original-idea-to-execution/answer/Sebastian-Thrun?srid=hjfE

By the way, how are you preparing to get into this field? Any prerequisite topics you’re currently learning about?


I’ve come across two so far:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Oh, perfect! Thanks for the link. I have never really turned to Udacity for anything, but I really look forward to seeing what they come up with for that degree. I’d probably take it in a heartbeat considering the dearth of courses offered currently.

As for how I’m preparing, mainly I’m learning how to use Unity. That’s about as much as I know to do.


Hey Rod, I’ve found a recently launched VR/AR course on Microsoft Virtual Academy: Creating Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps on the Windows Platform

This one looks great if you can’t wait to get started!


Hey, thanks again, Sassy! I really appreciate that.


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