Any Rails Developers here?

Any Rails Developers here?


Any rails developers shoot a comment here. please help me as i help your help for building a rails product or app.

Thank you.


I am working on the side with Ruby on Rails right now. I don’t have time for another project but I can offer help if you have a specific question.


I’m a Ruby on Rails Developer. What exactly do you need help with?

@Raghuram42 Shoot your questions here and I will try my best to help. :grin:


Hi, I’ve been learning and building with rails for two months now.


I’m familiar with Rails as well, what do you need help with?

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Yes, I am working and learning Rails.


How to write API in rails for my andriod app??


Take a look at this:


I am also a Rails Developer, shoot your question so that I can help you…