Anyone else think MDN code descriptions/samples suck?

Anyone else think MDN code descriptions/samples suck?

@cndragn is on point here - it’s a big world of code out there now - as you start out you may not realize how incredible it is to have such sophisticated and powerful technologies like javascript and chrome, linux and node available for free - this was unthinkable before the rise of open source

the stuff you can use as a complete beginner to solve toy problems is the same stuff used by professionals with decades of experience to solve problems never encountered before - all of us have access to exactly the same sources of information - clearly our needs are different - some need a level of technical precision others may find excessive

HTML, CSS and Javascript are the foundations of web programming - ultimately they are defined by international standards - MDN is a pathway to the standards - compared to the ecmascript spec I assure you MDN docs read like a Robert Ludlum thriller - and ecmascript is quite accessible as standards go

So use whatever sources make sense to you - as more things make sense you will naturally gravitate to more authoritative and complete sources of information


I don’t think it’s just the code samples.
The way they construct their sentences can be painful to read. They use too many brackets and words in a sentence.